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Say goodbye to time-consuming manual transcription processes. Sonix is an automated transcription tool leveling up your workflow like never before. Powered by cutting-edge artificial intelligence and natural language processing, its powerful computer network can analyze millions of data bytes and transcribe your audio in video files into text at record speed. And the best part? It's accurate, affordable, and has no shortage of quick results.

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Transcribe audio and video in the following 49 languages 📝

Language Transcription with Sonix 🖥

Language transcription services are becoming increasingly popular as businesses and people strive for more efficient communication. With a language transcription service, you can convert spoken or written audio into text, making it easier to understand across different languages. It also allows for better consistency in communicating and interpreting a message.

Sonix can turn your audio and video-to-text files in 40+ languages with cutting-edge foreign language transcription. Our industry-leading software utilizes next-generation technology to save time and money.

We understand that you need accurate and reliable transcriptions, which is why our engine utilizes the latest in natural language processing technology. Our transcription software can identify various accents and dialects with top-notch accuracy, so you can be sure that your transcriptions will be as accurate as possible.


Language transcription with Sonix is the most effective way of generating foreign translations from your existing content.

Simply feed your audio or video file into the Sonix platform, and you’ll receive a new, accurate transcription in minutes.

Accurate AI Technology

Sonix uses AI and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to transcribe and translate with the same pinpoint accuracy as a human translator.

With the world’s most positively reviewed language transcription and translation software, you can create content that matches a native speaker’s proficiency with the click of a button.

Big Business Capabilities, Small Business Pricing

We offer a simple, transparent pricing model with flexible plans.

We designed our premium package to be affordable and cost-effective to make handling foreign language audio a low-cost expense for your next project. We are always proud to offer the lowest foreign language transcription rates in the industry.

Simple Transcription for the Spoken Language

Create accurate transcriptions with no previous experience necessary. Sonix generates language transcriptions designed for businesses searching for plug-and-play solutions.

Upload your file, choose your language, and let Sonix get to work. It really is that easy!

In-Browser Transcript Editor

Forget learning how to manage complex software. Sonix enables you to review and edit your completed transcript from your browser.

Automated timestamping and speaker labeling to streamline the editing process, allowing you to create perfect language transcriptions.

Multitrack Foreign Language Audio

Manage complicated work projects with multitrack capabilities. Unlike other audio language translator solutions, you can create your transcript translation using separate speaker tracks.

Our premium and enterprise packages can also reverse-engineer existing transcriptions to align them with an audio or video file.

Translate Transcripts for Free

Our free trial provides 30 minutes of free language transcription time, allowing you to experience the power of Sonix without spending a cent.

Effortlessly translate videos to any language

How to Use Our Foreign Language Transcription Services 📘

Sonix can handle any audio or video file. Sonix allows you to turn cutting-edge content into a multilingual experience in minutes.

Here are some of the ways you can use AI-powered language transcription.


Expand knowledge and understanding from interviews to a broader audience. Transcribing and translating interviews with Sonix allows you to ensure greater awareness and avoid incorrect interpretations.

Help your audience to learn and extract more value from thought leaders in your industry with our cutting-edge technology.

YouTube Videos

Apply Sonix translations to YouTube, allowing more people to discover your brand and enjoy your content.

Dedicated transcription services allow you to overcome the flaws in the automated transcriptions and translations of YouTube.


Give your audience another way to consume informative podcasts. Sonix can provide speaker labeling and synchronize it with your audio or video files to make it easy for your audience to follow along.

Training Materials

Are you ready to expand your business’s footprint into a new market?

Avoid the expense of re-recording employee training materials by repurposing your existing data with Sonix. We help you capture the meaning and intentions of your employee onboarding materials to ensure everything is clear and understood.

Product Demonstrations

Selling a new app? Preparing your top product for the international retail scene?

Introduce your product to a whole new audience with an in-depth demonstration in the language they can understand.

Audio Readings

Enhance the accessibility of your content by providing audio readings for every article, blog, white paper, and eBook you have.

In the past, this endeavor would cost you thousands of dollars. Today, it costs a fraction of that. Using Sonix, you can reach non-native speakers and the deaf and hard-of-hearing community t with a straightforward platform.


Record and disseminate essential knowledge from a global workforce by transcribing and translating game-changing meetings.

Get the security and peace of mind of knowing everyone is on the same page, regardless of location.

What customers say about Sonix's automated transcription 💘

4.98 rating from 203 reviews
Thank you for this amazing application and program which really saved my life.
I cannot believe how easy, quick, and accurate this is.
Great website. Love the drag & drop option. Very accurate too!
This is the greatest transcription service I've ever seen. I am so pleased with the results and I am recommending your services 100 out of 10.
The UI is da bomb with so many great features including the one where I can highlight a passage and download as a clip. So very useful! It’s editing and transcription combined!!
The whole thing is the best I've ever seen! I was amazed at how well this worked at transcribing and translating!

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World-class language models

After you transcribe your audio or video files, our machine learning language models can quickly translate your transcript to another language. Translate voice to text with Sonix. This is especially helpful to customers with a worldwide audience or filmmakers looking to produce multi-language captions and subtitles for their films.

Translate your transcripts with Sonix

Multi-language audio transcription with Sonix 🚀

Sonix automatically transcribes and translates your audio/video files in 49+ languages. Easily search, edit, and share your media files. Sonix uses the latest language models to ensure that your transcripts are accurately transcribed and translated. Fast, accurate, and affordable. Millions of users from all over the world.

Fast, accurate automated transcription

Includes 30 minutes of free transcription

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Transcribe and translate confidently, knowing you’re backed by our award-winning team, who is ready to answer your questions. Get immediate help by visiting our Help Center, resources, tutorials, and Introduction to Sonix videos.

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