How many languages does Sonix transcribe in 2022?

Sonix automatically transcribes over 
38 languages and dialects

Sonix is an automated transcription tool powered by cutting-edge artificial intelligence and natural language processing. Our powerful computer network can transcribe your audio and video files into text in minutes. Sonix is accurate, affordable, and fast.

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4.98 rating from 203 reviews
Of all the programs that do this, I found you the best!
I loved my experience cause Sonix has a really good tutorial and it got the words from the audio pretty well. It really did it what I needed really fast, even if it was the first time using it.
I tried a few transcription services and I found yours to be clearly superior. The results were more complete and accurate.
Having tried numerous transcription services, this was undoubtedly the best. There were features (such as the synching up of the audio to the words for review) that I hadn’t ever hoped to find.
English dictation is very accurate. And the online editor is easy to use. Also it generates SRT files that I can import in my video editors for further processing.
You guys saved me hours of work, reduced my stress level the moment I started and saw the first result coming in.

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World-class language models

After you transcribe your audio or video files, our machine learning language models can quickly translate your transcript to another language. Translate voice to text with Sonix. This is especially helpful to customers with a worldwide audience or filmmakers looking to produce multi-language captions and subtitles for their films.

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Sonix automatically transcribes and translates your audio and video files in over 38 languages. Easily search, edit, and share your media files. Sonix uses the latest language models to ensure that your transcripts are accurately transcribed and translated. Fast, accurate, and affordable. Millions of users from all over the world.

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Transcribe and translate confidently knowing you’re backed by our award-winning team who is ready to answer your questions. Get immediate help by visiting our Help Center, resources, tutorials, and Introduction to Sonix videos.

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