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Automatically convert hours of video to text in minutes. Focus on the storytelling—easily send notes, edits, and clean-up areas to your video editors. It's only $6 per recorded hour with subscription

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Make your transcription headaches go away

Sonix works great for anyone doing unscripted work. Whether it’s documentary films, reality TV, or unscripted interviews, Sonix can make your transcription headaches go away.

The typical process for creating a storyline with your unscripted work involves a paper edit. You get your work transcribed then you go through line by line making notes and comments to derive a storyline you can pass on to your editor. Then there’s a bunch of back and forth with your editor that makes the whole process messy.

With Sonix that all goes away. Simply upload a video file to Sonix and we’ll transcribe it in a few minutes. Your transcript is online so the video is stitched to the transcript. This way you can make notes, edit, and clean-up areas for your editor. Then you simply share the transcript.

Voila. Your paper edit has been transformed. It’s now online, fast, and collaborative. 🙌

“In my line of work, in an industry that values accuracy and efficiency, Sonix has been absolutely essential. Transcripts are ready in minutes, and the intuitive interface allows me to quickly edit and export the files that I need. It’s difficult to quantify just how much time Sonix has saved me, but suffice to say it’s a lot.”

—Josh Jensen Video Producer/Filmmaker

Try Sonix now — Get 30 minutes free transcription

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Quickly search all of your video files 📈

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Search for words, not just files

With your transcribed video in Sonix, you now have a way to pinpoint content by searching by specific words or phrases. You know how hard it is to find that phrase or dialogue from a video you’d created a few months back. Well now that’s easy.

Stay organized

Sonix has light digital asset management features so you can easily store and organize your video files. You can also make notes right in the transcript and search those too.

Multiple users? Collaborate with ease

If you have multiple people working on a project or multiple teams that need access to video or transcripts, you’ll love our multi-user plans (Business and Enterprise). You can set multiple levels of permission for users who are internal team members as well as external editors.

Simplify your video production workflow ⚡

Edit video by editing text

We built the world's first AudioText Editor™ which allows you to edit video, by editing text. Yes, you read that right.

Easily export transcripts

Sonix works seamlessly with many video editing platforms including Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro, and AVID. You can easily export your transcript into any of these platforms making it easier to navigate spoken-word video.

Integrates with Adobe Premiere and Final Cut Pro ⚡

Adobe Premiere: Streamline your workflow with Sonix

Bring your transcript into Adobe Premiere seamlessly with a few clicks. We can export your transcript and all edits (strikethrough parts) to an Adobe Premiere XML file (.xml) as a non-destructive session file. Your original video and audio will always be preserved.

Use Premiere's marker search box to easily locate key parts of your video clip so you can quickly make your edits.

Final Cut Pro: Streamline your workflow with Sonix

It only takes a few clicks to export your transcript from Sonix to Apple's Final Cut Pro. We export your transcript and all edits (strikethrough parts) to an Final Cut Pro X file (.fcpxml) as a non-destructive session file. This means that your original video and audio will be unchanged until you make edits in Final Cut Pro.

Use Final Cut Pro's index search to easily locate key phrases spoken in your video clip. Then, simply edit and finetune your movie.

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Whether you are making documentary films, reality TV shows, or just organizing all of your unscripted interviews, Sonix is made for filmmakers. We transcribe, timestamp, and organize your audio files so they are easy to search, edit, and share. Transcribe your videos today and make editing a snap.

Try Sonix now — Get 30 minutes free transcription

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