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Automatically convert your video to text in minutes. Edit video by editing text. Captions & subtitles in seconds. Get 30 minutes of transcription for free.

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Why transcribe with Sonix?

Sonix is made for video producers. We accurately transcribe, timestamp, and organize your video files so they are easy to search, edit, and share. You no longer need to scrub your media files for hours or manually type your captions frame-by-frame.

Transcribe in minutes, not hours

Video producers, we've got your back

No matter what kind of media you have to transcribe, Sonix makes it simple and secure to convert your audio to text. You are in full control of your media and transcripts. All of your files are securely transcribed and encrypted in both transit and at rest.

Security is our first priority

Trusted and loved by video producers worldwide ❤

“In my line of work, in an industry that values accuracy and efficiency, Sonix has been absolutely essential. Transcripts are ready in minutes, and the intuitive interface allows me to quickly edit and export the files that I need. It’s difficult to quantify just how much time Sonix has saved me, but suffice to say it’s a lot.
Your product is amazing, I love so many featuresincluding the video capture on the site, ability to change the transcript as you go, highlighting, downloading audio files...and SEARCHING TRANSCRIPTS!”

Producing videos is much easier with text

Editing video is tedious, but with text, it is much easier. Sonix is the world’s first automated transcription platform that lets you edit video by editing text making your pre-edit a breeze. And after you've made that video, add captions or subtitles, you can export SRT, VTT files in seconds. Start transcribing your videos today to improve discoverability and SEO.

Start transcribing now

Free trial with 30 minutes free transcription. No credit card required.

Simplify your video production workflow with automated transcription ⚡

Edit video by editing text

We built the world's first AudioText Editor™ which allows you to edit video, by editing text. Yes, you read that right. If you remove text in your transcript, the underlying video will also be removed making your pre-edit fast and easy.

Collaborate on video production

Sonix's online platform allows you to keep all your edits, highlights, and strikethroughs in one central location so that anyone can access anytime from anywhere.

Search for words, not file names

You know how hard it is to find that phrase or dialogue from a video you’d created a few months back. Well now that’s easy with Sonix.

Keep things organized

Sonix has light digital asset management features so you can easily store and organizing your video files. You can also make notes right in the transcript and search those too.

Easily create subtitles and captions

Sonix has many export options including SRT. Using the SRT export you can seamlessly bring in your transcript to create subtitles in your videos.

Sonix integrates with Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro, and AVID ⚡

Streamline your workflow

Bring your transcript into Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro, and Avid Media Composer seamlessly with a few clicks.

Preserve the original audio and video

We export your transcript as non-destructive session files and sequences. Your original video and audio will always be preserved.

Search audio by word

Use either Premiere's marker search box or Final Cut Pro's Index search to easily locate key parts of your show. In Avid Media Composer, you can use Avid's Dialogue Search to search your captions.

Video producers: Automated transcription in three easy steps 📝

Step 1: Create account

Create your Sonix account for free. Every trial account comes with 30 minutes free transcription. No credit card required.

Step 2: Upload your media

Upload your video or audio file to our secure servers. We accept most file formats. We’re there to help along the way.

Step 3: Polish transcript

We'll give you a transcript in minutes. There might be a few errors, use our powerful editor to easily make corrections.

The best way for video producers to convert audio to text 🚀

Transcription perfectly made for producers

Sonix transcribes, timestamps, and organizes your audio and video files in over 35 languages so they are easy to search, edit, and share. Start your free trial now—all features included, no credit card required.

Try Sonix for freeIncludes 30 minutes of free transcription

Transcribe and translate confidently knowing you’re backed by our award-winning team who is ready to answer your questions. You can also visit our Support Center for tips, articles, and videos.

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