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Your computer-generated transcripts are stitched to the audio so you can quickly scan an interview and search for soundbites in seconds. Only $6 per hour with subscription

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Transcribing files is among the least desirable tasks for journalists. Sonix makes the experience faster and more enjoyable for journalists and reporters all over the world.

“I tried Sonix, and it’s amazing!
Seriously, I think that you'll revolutionize journalism.”

—Caroline Beaton Journalist

Try Sonix now — Get 30 minutes free transcription

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Lightning fast automated transcription for journalists ⚡

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Super fast. And we mean it.

Upload an hour-long audio or video file and we'll return a transcript in minutes. Yes, minutes.

Most accurate automated service

We use the latest AI-technologies and machine learning to provide accurate transcripts. We've been independently reviewed as the most accurate automated transcription service.

World-class security

Sonix uses the latest security protocols to ensure your data is safe and secure. No human touches your files; it's completely automated.

The world's first AudioText Editor™ 📝

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A browser-based editor

We stitch the audio to the text so you can edit your transcript while listening to the audio. It's like Google Docs with the audio synchronized with the text.

Organize your interviews

Drag and drop file folders allow you to organize all your interviews in one, easy-to-use, central location.

Highlighting & strikethrough

Easily highlight important sections, and quickly strikethrough irrelevant information. It's that simple.

Quickly find soundbites

Searching for soundbites has never been easier. You can search by word or phrase to locate those amazing quotes.

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“Sonix is super easy to use and I was so impressed how fast the transcription came back. I love that you can listen to the recording while following along with the transcripts. I also like you can download the transcripts.”

—Samantha Shankman News Editor, Time Inc.

Sonix is made for journalists. We transcribe, timestamp, and organize your audio files so they are easy to search, edit, and share. Start transcribing your interviews, press conferences, and other recordings today say organized and easily find key sound bites.

Try Sonix now — Get 30 minutes free transcription

Transcription for $6 per hour with subscription