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Transcribe interviews, press conferences, and your recordings with our AudioText Editor™

Our computer-generated transcripts are stitched to your audio files and are perfectly synchronized. Like Google Docs in your browser, you can easily search, verify or correct by clicking on a word. And you can hear the audio by pressing play.

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We serve a lot of journalists like you. And we've learned a lot about how you organize and transcribe your audio files. So we built our most intelligent set of transcription tools yet.

Meet Sonix for Journalists.

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Transcribe raw recordings for journalists ⚡

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Organize your raw recordings and easily find key sound bites

More than just a transcription software, Sonix gives you powerful organization and search tools that streamline your processes.

Never lose a file

Our simple drag-and-drop folder interface makes it easy to organize hundreds of recordings across many projects.

Powerful search

Looking for when a particular word or phrase was spoken? You'll find it in seconds with Sonix.

Timestamps for reference

We timestamp each word. You can easily jump to the exact moment when something was said and quickly reference it.

Write faster 📝

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Copy and paste quotes

Rewriting what someone said is tedious especially if you are under a tight deadline. Computer algorithms can quickly transcribe your audio—all you need to do is polish.

AudioText Editor™

We stitch your audio to our computer-generated transcripts so they are perfectly synchronized. You can easily search, verify or correct by clicking on a word and editing it right in your browser.

Highlighting & Strikethrough

Easily highlight important sections, and quickly strikethrough irrelevant information. It's that simple.

Export with timestamps

Powerful exporting features so you can quickly copy and paste quotes into your article, create subtitles, or reference them for later.

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“Sonix is super easy to use and I was so impressed how fast the transcription came back. I love that you can listen to the recording while following along with the transcripts. I also like you can download the transcripts.”

—Samantha Shankman News Editor, Time Inc.

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“I'm very impressed about the accuracy. The transcript needs a little editing, but just minor correction. I think the interface is straightforward and user-friendly. I also like the audio-transcript matching playback functionality. I've been very deterred to use recording during my interviews because it takes a tremendous amount of time to transcribe.”

—Jane Yi Zhang Reporter, Mergemarket

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Sonix is made for journalists. We transcribe, timestamp, and organize your audio files so they are easy to search, edit, and share. Start transcribing your interviews, press conferences, and other recordings today say organized and easily find key sound bites.

Try Sonix now — Get 30 minutes free transcription

Transcription for $5 per hour with subscription