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Sonix is the most elegant way to transcribe, organize, and search your audio and video files. Audio and video transcription is now fast, accurate, simple, and affordable with Sonix.

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How Sonix converts speech to text βš™

Automated transcription features for everyone πŸ˜‡

Easy uploading/importing

Drag-and-drop from your local computer or have us transcribe audio/video files stored on Dropbox and Google Drive.

Fully automated transcription

No human involvement. Transcribe in minutes, not days. Fully secure SSL encryption on data upload/download and storage.

Synchronized Audio & Text

Speech-to-text in a revolutionary new way. Click on any part of the transcript and play the audio or video from that exact moment.

AudioText Editor™

An in-browser word processor so you can polish a synchronized transcript while listening to the audio/video file.

Search your entire archive

Every word is automatically indexed so you can jump to the exact moment when something was said in a specific audio/video file.

Variable playback speed

Slow down or speed up playback to simplify your editing process.

Word confidence levels

We show the high confidence words in black and the low confidence ones in orange so you know where to focus editing.

Find and replace

Quickly replace multiple mispellings with the press of a button. Best used when replacing proper nouns.

Copy with timestamps

Copy the text along with the timestamps to your clipboard. Made specifically for folks who love making paper edits.

Highlight important text

Identify the key parts of your transcript, we'll show you the starting and ending timestamps. You can export only the highlights.

Strikethrough text

Mark insignificant sections of text in your transcript with our strikethrough feature, we'll skip over them in playback.

Download audio clips

When you select text, you can easily download a short audio clip of the selected words.

Flexible exports

Export the transcript exactly how you want it into multiple formats like Microsoft Word (*.docx) and text file (*.txt).

Share with colleagues

You can collaborate with others either through a shared link or by inviting them to your transcript via an email address.

Integrated Video Player

Upload videos and see them side by side with your transcript. It's very helpful especially when you are making captions.

Adobe Audition Integration

Speed up your workflow. Export a .sesx file, we'll automatically add markers with descriptions and help you with rough cuts.

Adobe Premiere Integration

Quickly edit movies. We'll automatically add markers, captions, and do rough audio/video cuts for you.

Final Cut Pro X Integration

Need subtitles? Want metadata automatically added to your clips? We auto generate FCPXML to make your life awesome.

Organize with Folders

Keep all your transcripts and audio/video files in one location, organized the way you like it, and readily accessible.

Multi-user Access

Business Only Grant multiple users access to your team's shared folder. Add an unlimited number of members to your team.

User Permissions

Business Only Five user permission levels help you manage what each team member can access and do.

Centralized Billing

Business Only All subscription and transcription costs for your team will be consolidated into one invoice.

Online transcription for specific customers πŸ‘


Speed matters when you have a deadline. Quickly transcribe interviews and press conferences in minutes. All transcripts are fully searchable.

Podcasters & Radio

Improve your show's SEO and provide your readers another way to consume your amazing content. Readily available transcripts help with show notes.

Researchers & Students

Fully automated and secure. No humans can access your cutting-edge research. Quickly transcribe and index your hours of research interviews and focus groups.

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