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We love stories

Help us build a world where stories and ideas are easily created and shared.

The Sonix Story 📘

We believe that communication is the most important building block for society. It's the foundation of all human relationships. Communication comes in many forms, but we believe that telling stories is the best way to convey a message.

Stories have life to them. They influence, they inspire, they evoke all kinds of emotions, and most important, they take you through an experience. Experiencing is much more powerful than simply consuming.

Helping people tell stories and loving every second of it

We admire great storytellers and want to help them get their stories told. Our mission is to create the most delightful experience for people to create, consume, and share their stories. If we can do that, we believe more amazing stories and ideas will be heard across the globe.

The Sonix Leadership Team 🙌

Jamie Sutherland | CEO of Sonix

Jamie Sutherland

Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder

At Sonix

Jamie drives our vision, strategy, and growth. His love for customers is only superseded by his affection for chocolate.

Prior to Sonix

Jamie is a seasoned software executive and company builder. He led the US expansion for Xero helping the company raise over $250M in capital, reach 700,000 customers, and a $2.5 Billion market cap. Before joining Xero, Jamie was the youngest executive at Sage running its small business unit which became the fastest growing business in North America. He also co-founded a taxi-hailing app called TaxiNow that was subsequently acquired. In his spare time, Jamie can be found surfing, golfing, or picking up toys.

David Dat Nguyen | CXO of Sonix

David Dat Nguyen

Chief Experience Officer & Co-Founder

At Sonix

David combines humor with design and a creative use of technology to create memorable experiences for our users. If you run into any problems, he's typically the one we blame.

Prior to Sonix

David joined Gusto (formerly ZenPayroll) as Employee #1 and led the design team. He helped grow Gusto to 420 employees, reach over 40,000 small businesses, and develop a financial services product with an NPS consistently over 72. Before Gusto, David was a professional photographer and had an 8 year career in Internet Advertising when he co-founded two companies. In his spare time, David can be found at the gym, drinking wine, or eating chocolate ice cream—not all at the same time.

Stephen Hopkins | CTO of Sonix

Stephen Hopkins

Chief Technology Officer & Co-Founder

At Sonix

Stephen fearlessly leads our engineering team and is responsible for Sonix’s underlying technology. He usually forgets to dress up.

Prior to Sonix

Stephen started his career at a nuclear power plant in Knoxville, TN. Shortly after, he moved to SF to switch to a career in his favorite high school pastime—writing software. He spent some time at Pivotal Labs working with other start-ups before joining Gusto (formerly ZenPayroll) as Employee #2. At Gusto, Stephen led the payroll engineering team and helped scale its payroll operations nationwide. In his spare time, Stephen enjoys long bike rides through Sonoma, learning to sail, and is the social media manager for his dog: Friday.

We are hiring great people 🏆

Creating quality content takes time. Current methods to match audio to text is painful, tedious, and costly. Let's change the experience from inefficient and tedious to refreshingly easy together.

Join our team by sending us an email with a bit of information about yourself here:  [email protected].

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