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The world's most advanced automated subtitling platform

Convert your files to subtitles in seconds and customize with the most advanced tools on the market.

Your free trial includes 30 minutes of free transcription.

Fast subtitles?Super fast subtitles

Lightning fast subtitles generation and splitting.

Accurate subtitles?Highly accurate

Independently reviewed as the most accurate transcription service.

How much?Affordable subtitles

Less than a Venti Latte at Starbucks. Don't break the bank.

Why Sonix?The world's best

Sonix is consistently reviewed as the best automated subtitling engine.

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Automatically split your transcript into subtitles for better accessibility ๐Ÿ“บ

Automatically split your transcript into subtitles based on duration or character count with Sonix

Automatically split subtitles by lines, characters, and duration

Flexible settings allow you to create subtitles in seconds. Split by time or by character count.

Fine tune your subtitles by adjusting the timecode by the millisecond

Millisecond timecode adjust

Adjust and fine-tune timestamps by the millisecond. For those pin-point accuracy.

Our timeline editor allows you to make quick adjustments to your subtitles

Drag and expand subtitle timeline

User-friendly subtitle timeline makes high-level edits a breeze. Just click and drag the subtitles to adjust start and end times.

Customize the look and feel of your subtitles

Customize subtitles: font & style

Make your subtitles look the way you want. Easily adjust font type, size, color, position, and background to match your brand.

Burn-in subtitles to your videos so you can easily share them and publish them with better accuracy

Burn-in subtitles

Quickly hard-code your subtitles right into your video for easy sharing anywhere.

The best automated transcription service in 2023 ๐Ÿš€

Easily convert your audio to text with Sonix

Sonix automatically transcribes, translates, and helps you organize your audio and video files in over 40 languages. Fast, accurate, and affordable. Millions of users from all over the world.

Try Sonix for freeIncludes 30 minutes of free transcription

Let our support team help you with all of your automated transcription questions. Pictured: Christine Lee

Transcribe and translate confidently knowing youโ€™re backed by our award-winning team who is ready to answer your questions. Get immediate help by visiting our Help Center, resources, tutorials, and Introduction to Sonix videos.

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