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General questions 🍩

How does Sonix work?

Upload an audio or video file and Sonix will convert it to text in less time than the length of the recording. You can then search, edit, share, organize, and export.

Is it a fully-automated system?

Yes, Sonix quickly and accurately converts audio to text using cutting-edge artificial intelligence.

Getting started with Sonix 🏃

How does the free Sonix trial work?

Creating an account is free and takes less than a minute.

We believe you'll fall in love with Sonix once you try it. So we've included 30 minutes of free transcription with every trial account. If you need to transcribe more, you’ll need to purchase one of our paid plans: https://sonix.ai/pricing

How long does it take to transcribe an audio/video file?

Sonix uses the best speech-to-text algorithms to accurately transcribe audio or transcribe video files to text. We pride ourselves in having the most accurate transcripts across all languages.

Thus, the transcription time depends on the quality and duration of the audio/video file you upload to our system.

I have over 100 hours of audio/video that needs transcribing. Can I get a better rate?

You should consider our business or enterprise accounts. If you have any specific questions, send our enterprise sales team an email and they'll be happy to help: [email protected]

How do I improve audio quality?

Sonix works best with high quality audio. To get the very best quality audio record in a very quiet environment with no background noise, ensure speakers that speak loudly and clearly, ensure speakers that don’t talk over each other, and use high quality microphones.

More helpful tips on how our customers record high quality audio.

Uploading files to Sonix ⚡

Can I upload video?

Yes, it is the same process as audio. Here's a list of all video extensions that we transcribe.

Do you support different languages & accents?

Yes, we do. We transcribe audio and video files in the following languages: 

Arabic,  Armenian,  Bulgarian,  Catalan,  Chinese (Cantonese),  Chinese (Mandarin),  Croatian,  Czech,  Danish,  Dutch,  English,  Finnish,  French,  German,  Greek,  Hebrew,  Hindi,  Hungarian,  Indonesian,  Italian,  Japanese,  Korean,  Latvian,  Lithuanian,  Malay,  Norwegian,  Polish,  Portuguese,  Romanian,  Russian,  Slovak,  Slovenian,  Spanish,  Swedish,  Thai,  Turkish,  Ukrainian, and  Vietnamese.  

Full list of languages and accents that we transcribe at Sonix.

What file types do you allow?

My audio has a metallic sound. What should I do?

Background sounds greatly reduce the accuracy of your transcription. Try to remove that metallic sound. A step-by-step guide on how to remove that metallic sound using Audacity, a free audio software for Windows and Mac.

Sonix is affordable 💵

How much does Sonix cost?

Sonix is really affordable. Based on your needs, we have a plan for you. We charge you based on the length of the audio/video file uploaded. You can see the plans here.

What do you mean by “based on the length of the audio/video file uploaded”?

We calculate the length of your audio/video file to the nearest second. And then prorate the cost based on your hourly rate. There is a minimum charge of 1 cent per file uploaded. You can find more answers to your pricing questions here.

Editing your transcripts with Sonix ✏

How accurate are the transcripts?

We don't claim to be 100% accurate given we are an automated system, but we can get pretty close with a clear, crisp audio file. To accommodate for the imperfect transcription, we have built editing functionality right into the transcript to make editing quick & easy.

How does the editor work?

Our AudioText Editor™ stitches the audio to text. This allows users to edit audio and text at the same time. You can insert, delete, and adjust words and phrases and we’ll maintain the timestamps. You can also edit your audio by editing the text.

Can I export the transcript?

Yes, right now we export to Microsoft Word (.docx), text file (.txt), pdf (.pdf), and subtitles (.srt). Many more formats are coming soon.

When exporting your transcript, you have the option of exporting speaker names, timestamps, and only the highlighted sections. Contact us if you want to suggest other export formats.

Do you integrate with Adobe Audition, Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro, or Avid?

We currently integrate seamlessly with Adobe Audition, Adobe Premiere, and Final Cut Pro. There are more integrations coming really, really soon! Contact us if you want to be part of the pre-release or want to suggest other integrations.

Can Sonix clean-up my transcript to 99-100% accuracy?

We work with a number of highly capable transcriptionists that can do this for you. Find a transcriptionist to help you cleanup your Sonix transcript and send them a message

Sonix is secure 🔒

Are my audio/video files private & secure?

Yes, Sonix takes the security of your data very seriously. We use industry best practices for data transfer and storage. For more information please refer to: security page.

Can I share the transcript?

Yes, simply click share and copy the private link. The receiver of this link will be able to view the transcript, but not edit.

For more advanced sharing and permission features, please upgrade your subscription: Business & Enterprise plans.

Help and feedback ❓

I have a question, can I get some help?

Absolutely! We have a detailed help center with many more of the most common questions. Also, you can contact our team anytime from within your account. Visit the Sonix Help Center.

I have an idea for a new feature in Sonix. How do I share it with you?

That's wonderful! We love hearing feedback from our most passionate users.

We've created a cool feature request board for you. Now, you can create, share, and upvote feature requests that would make your Sonix experience even better! Share your new product feature idea with us.

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