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Average time to usable content (1-hour file)

We reviewed a variety of human transcription services and compared them against Sonix. Human transcription services claim 99% accuracy, automated transcription may be less accurate depending on the audio quality.

  • 1 hour

    1 hour

  • 12 hours

    12 hours

  • 24 hours

    24 hours

  • 48 hours

    48 hours

Human transcription

Humans transcribe your audio from scratch resulting in 93-99% accuracy.

  • Regular: $60 — 3-5 business days
  • Priority: $90 — 48-hours
  • Expedited: $120 — 24-hours

Automated transcription + User clean-up/editing

Up to 95-97% accuracy depending on audio quality; may need some light editing.

  • Sonix: $5 — Less than an hour

Transcription speed: methodology

We compared Sonix to 5 different manual transcription services and took the average price and times from their listed prices and their results.

For transcribing audio: We sent the same hour-long, average-quality audio file to each service and compared their results against the transcript generated by Sonix.

For transcribing video: We sent the same hour-long, high-quality video file to each service and compared their results to the corresponding transcript generated by Sonix.

Transcription accuracy: results

With the average-quality audio, manual services returned results that ranged between 93%-99% accurate. This range depended on which country the human transcriber was located in and how well they were able to spell English proper nouns. Sonix transcripts were at 95% and also had issues spelling English proper nouns.

With the high-quality audio, manual services still returned results that ranged between 95-99% accuracy. However, Sonix transcripts improved to 97% accuracy.

Getting to 100% accuracy will always require human intervention. Especially if your audio or video file contains industry-specific jargon, specific proper nouns, or familiarity with the speaking style of the speakers. Using the powerful Sonix editor, you can quickly make these edits without navigating through a wall of text that was emailed to you from a human transcriptionist.

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