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Harness the power of AI Analysis Tools for deeper insights

Designed to enhance productivity and efficiency, our cutting-edge AI Analysis Tools leverages advanced AI algorithms to delve deep into your data. From thematic analysis to precise entity detection and instant summaries, our tools empower you to extract actionable insights swiftly and accurately. Experience the future of data analysis today.

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How powerful?Powerful, in-depth analysis

Quickly analyze your transcripts with the latest AI.

How easy?Click a button easy

Select the analysis you'd like from the menu, and click a button to start. We'll do the rest.

How much?It's an affordable add-on

It's a monthly add-on that's cheaper than two tacos. Don't break the bank.

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Sonix brings you the latest AI technology to save you time and to make your life better.

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Powerful, AI Analysis tools for your transcripts ๐Ÿ“‹

Sonix automatically summarizes your transcripts using leading natural language processing algorithms.

Generate summariesAdd-on

Sonix's AI technology can distill long, complex transcripts into concise summaries, providing you with actionable insights at lightning speed

More about automated summaries

Sonix's AI Analysis tools will quickly give you chapter headings for your audio and video files so you can quickly reference key moments in your transcript

Create chaptersAdd-on

Seamlessly designed to effortlessly generate structured chapter headings for any audio or video file, our innovative technology saves you time and enhances accessibility. Say goodbye to manual chaptering and hello to efficient content navigation.

Sonix's AI Analysis tools will identify all themes, topics, and patterns within your transcript.

Thematic analysisAdd-on

Use AI-driven thematic analysis to uncover the underlying themes, topics, and patterns within your data. Sonix will meticulously sift through your information, identifying common threads and revealing key insights.

Sonix's AI Analysis tools will evaluate the sentiment of what was said in your audio/video files

Sentiment analysisAdd-on

Uncover the emotions behind the words with AI-powered sentiment analysis. Our cutting-edge technology sifts through text data, discerning sentiment with remarkable accuracy.

Sonix's AI Analysis tools will identify topics, summarize each topic, and give you timestamps when they were discussed

Topic detectionAdd-on

Our advanced technology swiftly identifies and categorizes every topic within your transcript, providing a comprehensive topic summary and relevant timestamps when each topic was discussed in your transcript.

Sonix's AI Analysis tools will identify all people, places, and things that were discussed in your audio/video file and give you all relevant timestamps

Entity detectionAdd-on

Our advanced AI technology meticulously identifies and categorizes people, places, and things within your transcripts and provides their relationship to each other and all relevant timestamps.

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