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Automatically split your transcript into subtitles for better accessibility 📺

Automatically split your transcript into subtitles based on duration or character count with Sonix

Automatically split subtitles by lines, characters, and duration

Flexible settings allow you to create subtitles in seconds. Split by time or by character count.

Fine tune your subtitles by adjusting the timecode by the millisecond

Millisecond timecode adjust

Adjust and fine-tune timestamps by the millisecond. For those pin-point accuracy.

Our timeline editor allows you to make quick adjustments to your subtitles

Drag and expand subtitle timeline

User-friendly subtitle timeline makes high-level edits a breeze. Just click and drag the subtitles to adjust start and end times.

Customize the look and feel of your subtitles

Customize subtitles: font & style

Make your subtitles look the way you want. Easily adjust font type, size, color, position, and background to match your brand.

Burn-in subtitles to your videos so you can easily share them and publish them with better accuracy

Burn-in subtitles

Quickly hard-code your subtitles right into your video for easy sharing anywhere.

Unlock the Value of Automatic Subtitling 🤔

Widen Your Reach

An automatic subtitle generator enables the creation of captions in multiple languages, making your content accessible to people all over the world. By using this tool, you can expand your reach significantly and connect with a much larger audience.

Improve Communication

Numerous studies reveal that subtitles greatly enhance the ability of viewers to understand and remember content more effectively than without them. Additionally, subtitles help viewers comprehend fast-speaking individuals or speakers with unfamiliar accents, allowing the audience to read along for better understanding.

Reduce Costs

Creating video subtitles sounds straightforward but can be costly. Traditionally, you’d need to hire a skilled transcriptionist to transcribe the dialogue in the video. Depending on the video length, this can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars. But an automatic subtitle generator like Sonix can do this at a mere fraction of the cost.

Streamline Workflow

Adding an auto-subtitle generator like Sonix to your existing content workflow is simple and requires minimal changes. You don’t even need any special skills. Anyone can work with Sonix’s subtitle generator software and create captions in minutes.

Increase Productivity

Since Sonix can automatically generate subtitles, you and your team will have more time to devote to other critical tasks, allowing for greater productivity.

Improve Scalability

Sonix provides the capability to auto-generate captions, regardless of the amount of content, making it an invaluable tool for rapidly scaling companies.

Accurate Translations

Sonix has been peer-reviewed and tested as one of the market's most precise subtitle text generators. Its translations and transcriptions are of a quality close to that produced by a skilled human translator, requiring little to no editing.

Competitive Edge

Sonix supports your sales and marketing efforts by giving you the ability to create content that’s widely accessible. You’ll expand into new markets, attract a larger customer base, and successfully close more deals.

Frequently asked questions about subtitles 🤔

How do automatic subtitles work?

Software like Sonix will auto-generate subtitles for any video you upload by first transcribing the video's dialogue and then adding the transcriptions as subtitles at the appropriate timestamps.

You can also manually edit the timing of these subtitles if needed before you export the video into the format you choose.

Are automatic subtitles as accurate as human-generated subtitles?

While subtitles created by a skilled professional remain the most accurate, automated subtitles are remarkably close in precision – and significantly faster! According to a survey by Sonix, our software can achieve an impressive 97% accuracy rate.

What kinds of things can I use your automatic subtitle generator for?

You can add subtitles to practically any video with Sonix for a variety of purposes.

For instance, with Sonix, you can swiftly produce subtitles in various languages for a video and release it across diverse markets. Additionally, it's ideal for enhancing understanding and readability by adding captions to training videos.

Furthermore, Sonix excels in captioning videos featuring multiple speakers. Its advanced algorithm is designed to automatically identify individual speakers in the video and accurately label each one in the subtitles, ensuring clarity and precision.

Is your automatic subtitle generator available in multiple languages?

Yes! Sonix can transcribe and translate a video in over 40 languages, which you can then add back to the video as subtitles.

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