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How to convert video to text in 4 easy steps

We are creating more media content these days. And with more videos being recorded and shared, we need a better way to convert these videos to text. With a text transcript, you can better understand what was said and quickly search for key soundbites in your video files. Sonix enables all of this by combining cutting-edge artificial intelligence models with a powerful in-browser editor so that you can better organize your media.

Step-by-step guide to convert video to text

Sonix  • Cost: $5.00 per hour with subscription • Time: 6 minutes for a 30 minute recording

Automated transcription can make your life a whole lot better by quickly and accurately converting your video files to text. With a lot of videos, it's hard to know when something is said unless you have a text transcript to help you. Sonix and our powerful in-browser editor takes this to another level because we timestamp each and every word. Now, after you convert your video to text, you can simply click on the word and jump to that exact spot in your video. Doesn't that sound amazing?

Step 1: Create a free trial account

Start by creating a free account with Sonix. Sonix gives you access to the latest speech-to-text algorithms which will accurately convert your video to text in minutes.

Create a free Sonix account

Step 2: Upload your video file

Sonix accepts over 80 different video file formats. You can upload your video files from your computer, YouTube, Dropbox, or Google Drive. With our Zapier integration, you can also automate when Sonix transcribes your video files. As an example, every time you put a video file in a Dropbox directory, Sonix will download the video file and start transcribing.

Step 3: Do some light clean-up on your transcript

Automated transcription isn't 100% accurate; there will be moments where we will get a few words incorrect especially if they are names of people or places. Use our powerful editor to make small changes to your text transcript to make it perfect.

Step 4: Download the text transcript

Click the export button and select the type of file that you'd want your text transcript in: Microsoft Word, SRT, VTT, and text file.

Converting video to text is easy with Sonix 🚀

Sonix has converted hundreds of millions of hours of video to text for our customers worldwide. With the constant creation of video files, we need more ways to unlock the knowledge within all our media. Sonix helps you better understand the content within your videos.

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