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Stay organized and find files, phrases, and words in seconds

Stay organized with built-in storage and foldering. Pinpoint words and phrases in seconds with advanced search across all your files.

Your free trial includes 30 minutes of free transcription.

How easy?Really easy to organize

Organize all of your media and transcripts with our flexible foldering system.

How powerful?Really powerful search

Easily search across all of your transcripts for a word or phrase.

How much?Super affordable

Less than a high powered magnifying glass. Don't break the bank.

Why Sonix?The world's best

Sonix is consistently reviewed as the best automated transcription software.

Organize your transcripts, easily find key moments, and control access ๐Ÿ”

Organize your transcripts in folders, easily drag and drop to move transcripts

Customize folders and files

Comprehensive foldering system to help you stay organized. Simply drag and drop to move folders and files around.

Use your browser's search function to find specific words and phrases in your transcript

Search transcript by word

Search individual transcripts by words, acronyms, or phrases. Use your browser's built-in search function to move around your transcript.

Control access to specific folders

Folder-level permissions

Easily grant or restrict user access to specific folders.

File owners can control who has access to the transcript

File-level permissions

Grant or restrict user access to certain files. Users can also upload private files.

Easily search across multiple transcripts to see when a specific word or phrase was spoken

Advanced search all transcripts by word

Search across all your transcripts for key words, themes, and phrases. Then, easily jump to those moments with one click.

Easily organize your transcripts with file-specific labels

Custom labels

Categorize that status your transcripts using custom labels. Handy for team-wide collaboration.

The best automated transcription service in 2020 ๐Ÿš€

Easily convert your audio to text with Sonix

Sonix transcribes, timestamps, and organizes your audio and video files in over 35 languages so they are easy to search, edit, and share. Start your free trial nowโ€”all features included, no credit card required.

Try Sonix for freeIncludes 30 minutes of free transcription

Transcribe and translate confidently knowing youโ€™re backed by our award-winning team who is ready to answer your questions. You can also visit our Support Center for tips, articles, and videos.

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