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How to place subtitles in a video in 6 easy steps

Automated transcription is pretty sweet. You no longer have to spend hours tediously typing what people said. Let our powerful computer algorithms do all of the work for you. Here are six easy steps you’ll follow to get an editable transcript in your browser (we promise to make each step easy to understand)

Step-by-step guide to place subtitles in a video

Sonix  • Cost: $5.00 per hour with subscription • Time: 10 minutes for a 1 hour file

If you like the idea of being able to automatically put subtitles into your videos without using complicated software like Adobe Premiere Pro or Avid, Sonix can make burning-in subtitles to your videos a breeze.

Step 1: Create a free Sonix account

Use the most accurate speech-to-text algorithms for over 35 different languages. Start by creating a free Sonix account, it'll just take you a minute.

Create a new Sonix account

Step 2: Upload your video file

Sonix accepts over 100 of the most popular video filetypes. Select the language that was spoken in the video and click the Transcribe button. Our cutting-edge computers will transcribe your video in minutes. You'll receive an email when it is all done.

Step 3: Polish your transcript

Automated transcription isn't 100% accurate. Please spend a few minutes making minor corrections to your transcript in our powerful, in-browser editor.

Step 4: Split into subtitles

From the Subtitle menu, please select “Split transcript.” We will automatically split your transcript into subtitles to your character requirements.

Step 5: Customize subtitles

From within the editor, you can polish your subtitles and adjust the timing. In addition, if you select “Customize subtitles” from the Subtitles menu, you can change how your subtitle appearance from font size to color to alignment to video size.

Step 6: Burn-in and download video with subtitles

Form the Subtitle menu, please select “Burn-in.” Our powerful servers will process your video and give you a final high quality version of your video with subtitles in minutes. You can then feel free to share and post the video after downloading it.

That is it! Start placing subtitles in a video now 🚀

Sonix has helped millions of users place subtitles in videos using the latest in automated transcription. First, quickly and accurately convert audio to text with our automated transcription; then, easily place subtitles in your videos with our powerful, in-browser editor.

Place subtitles in your videosIncludes 30 free minutes