Enterprise-grade security for all your data. Nothing less.

The security of your information is our utmost priority. We build privacy into everything we do.

Your free trial includes 30 minutes of free transcription.

Secure storage?Yes. Enterprise-grade.

Enterprise-grade storage for all of your sensitive transcripts and media files.

Secure in transit?SSL Secured

Bank-level, SSL-secured data transfers to protect your media and transcripts.

Secure login?Two-factor authentication

For extra security, enable two-factor authentication to ensure your account's safety.

Why Sonix?The world's best

Sonix is consistently reviewed as the best automated transcription software.

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Sonix is a secure, flexible workspace for all of your media files 🔐

Transcripts and media files are securely stored in enterprise-grade data centers

Secure file storage

All your data is safe and secure with Sonix. Enterprise-grade security for all users and their files.

Data is secured in transit and at rest

SSL & at-rest encryption

Your data is protected at rest and in transit. We use bank-level SSL certificates and encryption algorithms.

Sonix utilizes enterprise-grade best practices to protect our customers’ data with Drata's auotmation platform.

SOC 2 Type 2 Compliance

Sonix continuously monitors 100+ internal security controls using Drata’s leading automation platform.

Require an access code from a second device to ensure that your account is secured

Two factor authentication

Six-digit security code generated by your phone required to log into your account.

Rely on authentication from Google to ensure security and better user management from your Google Admin interface

OAuth with Google

Industry standard protocol for authentication and authorization via Google.

For enterprises, Sonix integrates with Single Sign-on systems to unify your user management and access levels


Increase productivity and team-wide security with single sign-on.

Force users to create high quality passwords for increased security

Password policy enforcement

Prevent weak passwords and require users to create stronger passwords for better account security.

The best automated transcription service in 2024 🚀

Easily convert your audio to text with Sonix

Sonix automatically transcribes, translates, and helps you organize your audio and video files in over 40 languages. Fast, accurate, and affordable. Millions of users from all over the world.

Try Sonix for freeIncludes 30 minutes of free transcription

Let our support team help you with all of your automated transcription questions. Pictured: Christine Lee

Transcribe and translate confidently, knowing you’re backed by our award-winning team, who is ready to answer your questions. Get immediate help by visiting our Help Center, resources, tutorials, and Introduction to Sonix videos.

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