The world’s first AudioText editor™

Getting fast, accurate transcription is critical, but it’s really just the starting point for Sonix. One of the greatest time-saving benefits occurs after you’ve received a transcript. We call it the AudioText™ editor.

Let me explain…

The word processor (eg. MS Word) is one of the most amazing software tools ever created. It takes a new user less than five seconds to figure out how to use it and provides enormous utility. It’s no wonder it is still one of the most popular software applications on the market today. Compare that with the most popular audio editing software apps. They are all quite complex. If you’ve ever edited audio, you’ve likely cursed about spending days editing waveforms. You wish you could simply just edit the text.

So what if you could edit voice audio by editing text instead of looking at a jumbled timeline of waveforms? What if you could actually edit words and have that affect the audio? And what if you could invite other users to collaborate on the same project?

Well now you can!

Unclick sound in the player below to see how it works:

To be clear, Sonix isn’t a replacement for software like Final Cut Pro, Adobe Audition, or Adobe Premiere. We see Sonix as your “pre-editor”. What we are solving is the tedious and time-consuming back-and-forth process between storyteller and audio engineer. We virtually eliminate the mundane work that is involved in every project. And if you play both roles (storyteller & audio engineer), you will find that when you edit text, you can truly focus on the storyline, not fine-tuning sound and levels. Sonix allows you to separate your thinking from storyteller to audio engineer.

The reason Sonix’s AudioText editor™ is possible today is because automated speech recognition has not only gotten so good, but it is also amazingly inexpensive (8 cents / min). Sonix leverages APIs from some of the largest tech companies on the planet and combine our own proprietary algorithms to deliver fast, accurate transcription. We have been independently reviewed to have the most accurate transcription among automated services.1

We hope you enjoy using Sonix as much as we’ve enjoyed creating it. As more AI-powered tools emerge, Sonix will continue to push the boundaries of audio & video production and distribution. We will continue to reimagine how people create and share media.

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