Sonix converts audio and video files to text
quickly and accuratelyin less than the time it takes to play itfaster than you can type what was saidin record time.

Audio to text converter 📝

Use Sonix to securely transcribe audio to text

Upload your audio files to Sonix and we will convert the audio to text; it's fast and easy with Sonix. Sonix has been independently reviewed as the best and most accurate automated transcription service.

Our leading automated transcription and translation software will accurately convert an audio or video file to text. Now, quickly browse the transcript and find the key moments that you want to extract or share with colleagues.

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Audio to text converter 🚀

Sonix automatically transcribes and translates your audio/video files in 38+ languages. Easily search, edit, and share your media files. Sonix is the best way to convert audio to text in 2023.  Fast, accurate, and affordable. Millions of users from all over the world.

Fast, accurate automated transcription

Includes 30 minutes of free transcription

How Sonix helps you quickly convert audio to text ⚙

Easy steps to convert audio to text

  1. Go to and upload your audio file to Sonix with our free trial
  2. Select your audio file (We accept all formats including mp3, .mp4, .m4a, .aac and .wav)
  3. Choose the language that was spoken, then click the 'transcribe now' button
  4. Sonix will convert your audio to text in a few minutes and send you an online transcript

Convert audio to text and:

Transcribe Audio To Text With Sonix 😍

Audio to text is a game-changer

The ability to transcribe audio to text is becoming more crucial than ever. In today’s distributed work environment, the contents of video meetings and other remote conferences need to be made available to others quickly and free of errors.

The best way to achieve this efficiently is with Sonix and our state-of-the-art AI technology. Our proprietary AI algorithms allow for completely automated transcription workflows.

These workflows and transcription options can be tailored to fit any industry or an individual company’s needs.


Any transcription is only as good as its accuracy. This is where the Sonix audio to text converter outshines the competition with award-winning technology that was independently reviewed as the most accurate transcription service.

But that accuracy extends beyond audio to text in just one language, as Sonix can accurately transcribe over 35 languages, dialects, and accents.

Users in industries with complex terminologies or acronyms can set custom definitions and terms that Sonix will learn and prioritize, adding another degree of accuracy to the audio to text transcriptions.


Sonix is light years ahead of manual transcription services, which often take 48 hours or more to complete an hour-long piece of audio or video.

Sonix takes less than an hour to perform these same tasks with up to 97% accuracy. Sonix surpasses many manual transcription services when using high-quality audio or video sources and offers a much faster experience for users.

Transcribe audio to text for free using our risk-free trial and experience the speed for yourself.

Browser-Based Transcription Editor

For perfect results, all transcriptions will require a little clean-up, especially with certain terms or phrases unique to your company.

These clean-ups are easily achieved with the Sonix in-browser editor. It’s like a word processor within your browser that you can use to sync perfectly with your source material.

Clean-up is now easier than ever before and can be done anywhere via a standard web browser.

Easily Add Captions And Subtitles To Videos

Sonix works with all popular video editing platforms like Adobe Premiere or Final Cut Pro. Add transcriptions or subtitles to your videos within seconds.

Sonix supports both SRT and VTT, the two most popular captioning formats.

Today, people consume videos with the sound off, making captions necessary for almost every upload. Add them quickly and with minimal effort using Sonix.


Sonix has integrations with the world’s most popular automation tools. Apps like Dropbox or Salesforce can all be integrated with Sonix to automate workflows and share transcriptions or source materials.

Enterprise-Grade Security

Sensitive information and topics may need to be transcribed, making security a top concern. Sonix offers full SSL encryption as well as two-factor authentication to fully secure all texts and media files.

Searchable transcripts

All files can easily be searched by word or by phrase. Files and media sources can also be organized efficiently using folder and file-level permissions. All folders and files can easily be moved by simply dragging and dropping them where needed.

This level of detailed permissions and labeling also allows for easy collaboration. Only allow access to what teams need and set permissions to allow editing or not.

Powerful Administrative Tools

Take complete control with Sonix and our powerful administration tools. Detailed file tracking and team event tracking provides detailed and granular views of how each file is being utilized.

Centralized billing tools make it easy to manage budgets and handle payments. No more creating multiple invoices over and over again.

World-Class Support

Whenever you need help, Sonix is there 24/7 to get you the assistance you need.

Whether you prefer email, phone, or chat, we have options for everyone.

Enterprise users also get a dedicated account manager as well as dedicated training for their team members.

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Sonix transcription | Frequently asked questions ⚙

How does Sonix work?

Sonix uses advanced AI (artificial intelligence) to transcribe speech into text. Audio or video files can both be used with Sonix. After transcription, the text file can be exported, shared, or edited as needed. Transcriptions can also be combined with other sources to make one single file.

How much does it cost to transcribe audio to text?

Not only is Sonix the most accurate audio file to text converter, but it’s also extremely affordable. New users can try out Sonix for free and transcribe up to 30-minutes of audio or video with no credit card required. This allows you to transcribe audio to text free online and experience our superior service with no risk.

If you need more transcription time, subscriptions start with rates as low as $5 per hour of audio or video. We also offer special rates for enterprise users, so contact us today to talk with one of our consultants.

Can you transcribe audio to text in different languages?

Yes. Sonix translates audio to text in over 35 languages to provide perfect transcription results that top other alternatives. Sonix also works with various dialects and accents specific to each language.

Below is a list of the most common languages Sonix can convert audio to text with. You can find the full list of languages and dialects.

How fast is Sonix?

Very fast. Sonix will always convert audio to text faster than the total length of the file. So an hour file will always take considerably less time than an hour.

Compared to manual transcription services which have turnaround times of 48 hours or longer, Sonix is the clear winner when you need fast and accurate results, often in less than an hour.

Does Sonix work with video?

Yes. Any popular audio or video file format can be used. Sonix is also compatible with most video editing programs like Adobe Premier. Full SRT and VTT are also supported for closed captions.

Is Sonix 100% accurate?

While no transcription service is 100% accurate, Sonix is routinely voted as one of the most accurate automated services available. In our testing, our service exceeded the accuracy of manual transcription services costing much more. These results were also obtained faster than any manual transcription service can offer."

Can I edit the transcription results?

Yes. In fact, Sonix makes this process easy with our built-in editor. This editor works like a simple word processor. You can edit video, audio, and text all at the same time.

This allows users to easily clean up transcription results as needed and also allows for the removal or editing of unneeded sections. You have full control over your transcription when you use Sonix.

Are the files I upload secure?

Yes. Sonix uses enterprise-grade security for all data. Transfers use SSL encryption for complete security while uploading or downloading. Users also have the option of using two-factor authentication to protect their files and account access.

Can I collaborate or share files with others?

Yes. Standard users can easily share any file with a custom link that gives access to the file. For collaboration, our business and enterprise plans allow for more sharing options that allow for editing.

Users in the premium plans can set permissions for each file to limit the amount of editing allowed. This permission is available on files or folders.

My file has a lot of background noise. Will it still work?

Background noise can dramatically impair transcription quality, which is true for almost all services, not just Sonix. If possible, try to remove as much background noise as possible. We have a guide that will help you remove background noise.

You can always try to upload a small portion of the file and see if the results are satisfactory. If so, you can upload the complete file. If not, try using the above steps to remove as much background noise as possible.

Most audio and video files can be salvaged even if they have background noise.

Can I get a bulk rate for uploading a lot of files?

Yes, if you have hundreds of hours of audio or video that need transcriptions, please contact our enterprise team.

What if I have a question not answered here?

Sonix has 24/7 support to help with any questions you may have. We offer help via email, chat, and phone.

Enterprise users also have access to a dedicated account representative as well as training from one of our experts to help your team get up to speed fast.

You can visit the Sonix help center to find answers or get in touch with one of our representatives.

The best automated transcription service in 2023 🚀

Easily convert your audio to text with Sonix

Sonix automatically transcribes, translates, and helps you organize your audio and video files in over 40 languages. Fast, accurate, and affordable. Millions of users from all over the world.

Try Sonix for freeIncludes 30 minutes of free transcription

Let our support team help you with all of your automated transcription questions. Pictured: Christine Lee

Transcribe and translate confidently knowing you’re backed by our award-winning team who is ready to answer your questions. Get immediate help by visiting our Help Center, resources, tutorials, and Introduction to Sonix videos.

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