5 reasons you should transcribe your podcast

You’ve done the hard part of creating amazing, rich content; now make it easy for users to discover!

1. Improve Discoverability 🔎

Think about how you currently search for answers on the web. The easiest way to find something is by typing in the exact text of the thing you’re looking for.

By creating a text version of your podcast, you have created a place where Google can crawl and index your content. Yes, the title, tags, and description of the audio will help, but they aren’t a substitute for the entire transcript. And you might say something incredibly obscure in your podcast. There's probably someone out there looking for that nugget of information.

Transcripts are more conversational by nature. No-one talks or thinks in keywords. They think in full sentences. The transcription of a conversation has a natural flow. It is how people talk. And this is what Google wants. Less people type “surfboard small waves”, and more type “what surfboard should I buy that works best in small waves?”.

Better indexing will lead to more search traffic and visitors.

2. Increase Accessibility ♿

Not everyone can access audio content. Did you know there are 35 million hearing-impaired Americans? The hearing-impaired truly appreciate podcasters that make their content available to them.

People whose first language is not English may have difficulty understanding the audio. Having a transcript helps them follow along more easily. But by adding SDH subtitles (Subtitles for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing) to your video files, foreign viewers will have an even easier time consuming your content.

Lastly, users don’t always have their headphones with them and if they are in a public place it isn’t always possible to listen to audio. If they had a transcript they have another way to consume your content when listening simply isn’t possible.

Learn more about how Sonix makes your audio and video content more accessible.

3. Create a better experience for your users ✨

Many of your visitors (new & existing) may prefer to quickly scan a transcript of your content before listening to it. Giving them a sneak peek at what your podcast’s all about could help you gain new listeners and also keep your current fans.

For those that have listened to your podcast and want to go back and find a snippet, it’s much easier for them to search through a transcript than to scan through an entire audio file.

If you have a written document you can link to other sources. This make it easy and convenient for users to visit any website you mention in your podcast.

4. Do more with your content 📃

When it comes to driving traffic to your website, the more content you have across the web, the more likely you are to drive traffic to your site. Converting your audio into a transcript saves time creating content. It also opens up different mediums: you can post the entire transcript on your site; repurpose the transcript into a blog post; and create multiple facebook or twitter posts.

By taking bits of the transcript and spreading them across these mediums, you increase the likelihood of driving new visitors to your site.

Learn how to use automated transcription to do more with your content

5. Increase shareability 🍻

Higher sharing rates mean more traffic towards your show. Having a transcript will increase the odds of getting quoted in an article, blog, or tweet. People that find your transcript and subsequently find a key part they want to share wouldn’t be able to share without a transcript.

In summary 🍒

If you want to increase traffic to your website, having a transcript can help you get the most out of your hard work. It will improve accessibility, shareability, and allows you to repurpose the content more easily and efficiently. Start transcribing today with Sonix.

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