How to make voices sound better in your audio for free

You can easily do it by using Audacity, a free, open-source audio software.

Make voices sound more clear 🎶

Have you ever wanted the voices in your audio to sound more clear? Do you have a “muddy-sounding” vocal that just doesn’t “pop” the way you want and you want to make that voice sound more “present”? We all heard this before. The good news is that there is a free way to make your vocals sound better by using Audacity.

Audacity is a free audio software program that’s very easy to use. You can improve the quality of the voices in your audio by using the graphic equalizer. The graphic equalizer allows you to adjust the volume level of the frequencies. It’s really easy.

Step-by-step: make voices sound better in Audacity 🎶

Step 1

Open Audacity, and import your audio file

Step 2

Open your file and click “Effect”, then “Equalization, then “Graphic Equalizer”

Step 3

Decrease the frequencies below 60 Hz by clicking any slider marked 60 Hz and below by dragging them downward

Step 4

Increase frequency bands that are around 150 Hz

  • 3 Khz to add articulation and clarity
  • 5 Khz to add extra presence
  • 10 Khz to add to emphasize the airy and breathy sound

Step 5

Now playback your audio to see if your changes made a difference. If not, you may need to decrease frequencies below 100 Hz if the vocals sound too thick and need to be thinned out.

That's it! As always, it’s best to capture great audio at the outset.

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