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Automated transcription services compared

Sonix ranked the highest among automated services overall

Popup Podcasting's independent review

Manual methods of transcribing audio and video files have traditionally been a costly and time-consuming act. And the same processes haven’t changed for more than 50 years. Against that backdrop, speech recognition technology has made more advances in the last 18 months than it has in the last decade.

Some of the largest tech companies on the planet are allocating huge dollars and resources into automated speech recognition (ASR). Behemoths like Google, Amazon, IBM, and Microsoft are all vying for leadership in this space. And with machines approaching human parity for voice recognition, the intensity has gotten even hotter.

Sonix leverages the technology from several of these major players and combines it with its own proprietary algorithms and machine intelligence. An independent review of automated transcription services was done recently:

We are proud to say that Sonix ranked the highest among automated services overall and in terms of accuracy.

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