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Ready for help from the world’s leading audio-to-text transcription software?

Make hiring an expensive professional transcriptionist a thing of the past by creating laser-accurate audio-to-text transcription in minutes. All you need is to upload your clip, wait a few minutes, and you’ll have a piece of text you can edit, upload, or circulate.

Transcription has never been simpler, and here’s why.

Convert Audio to Text in Minutes

Through the power of artificial intelligence and natural language processing, Sonix transcription software works fast.

Upload your file and wait. Every minute of video or audio in your clip will take one minute to turn into text.

The technology behind Sonix means you get transcription faster than any human transcriptionist could provide.

Sonix: Best Transcription Software

Simple to Use

Your personal transcript generator sits on your desktop and runs in the background. No technical expertise is necessary to use Sonix audio and video transcription software.

Upload your clip from Dropbox, your desktop, or another cloud-based storage platform, and let Sonix do the work for you.

When your text is ready to go, utilize the online text editor to make any necessary changes.

Spend Less on Clear Communication

Transcriptions are designed to enhance communication. Sonix’s clear communication is inclusive and effective when you need to provide subtitles for a conference or circulate an internal training memo.

Stop spending significant portions of your budget on professional transcriptionists. Sonix’s video-to-text converter is accurate, flawless, and exceptionally easy to use.

For the price of one transcriptionist, you could use Sonix for months before expending your budget. Make better communication affordable with the digital-first approach to transcription now.

Transcription at Your Convenience

Speech-to-text and video-to-text transcription make communicating simple when you require it most. With so many people relying on mobile devices, being able to organize and share your transcriptions from anywhere is crucial.

Discover automated transcription with a complex system that is user-friendly and straightforward. Whether you need word processing, web navigation, or dictation, Sonix is a convenient and user-friendly solution for manual transcription.

Increase Efficiency and Profitability

Time is valuable. Use your time wisely with fast-acting transcription options from Sonix. Save on time and energy that you can reinvest into your operations elsewhere.

Automated transcription enables you to move away from your desk and have a solution that does everything for you. Let Sonix focus on the job of complex transcription and free up your time to do what you do best.

Be more efficient and be more profitable with the modern approach to transcription.

Our Audio-to-Text Converter 🔈

Jumping into transcription software with Sonix has never been easier. Seamlessly integrate it into your communication strategy in minutes, with no prior experience.

Go further than simple audio transcription and transform the way you communicate with Sonix’s array of features used to give you better results.

Flexible Import/Export Solutions

Sonix will never lock you into a specific file format. Spend less time worrying about file conversion and potential corruption issues and more time on automated transcription.

Our platform can handle all major file types, so you have the most flexibility possible when getting started.Our platform can handle all major file types, so you have the most flexibility possible when getting started.

Highly Accurate

Accuracy has led Sonix to become the best-reviewed automated transcription software on the market today. Individuals and businesses alike consistently praise the value of the platform. The fusing of artificial intelligence and natural language processing has led to unparalleled accuracy.

What’s the point in transcription solutions online if you have to spend more time editing and cleaning everything up?

Full-Scale Editing Right in Your Browser

Need to remove intonations and sounds picked up during the transcription? Want to remove slang terms from your transcription?

When you transcribe audio-to-text, you gain access to a powerful in-browser editor that you can use to make changes to the final result from anywhere.

Add Timestamps and Denote Speakers

Every word transcribed by Sonix comes with automated timestamps for more control on the user side.

Polish off your transcription by denoting individual speakers before clicking to transcribe video-to-text. With a minimal need for editing, you can begin using your transcription in record time.

Incorporate Existing Transcripts

Have you had experience with other transcription solutions? Did you resort to wasting hours manually transcribing a file?

Sonix is perfectly capable of managing other transcripts. Upload your chosen media file and add your transcript. Your transcriber online will combine your existing transcript and your new audio, so you don’t have to.

Automated Diarization

Transcription platforms have traditionally struggled to manage multiple speakers and separate exchanges, particularly when speakers begin to talk over each other. Sonix is different.

Sonix has conquered the problem of awkward transcription results with multiple speakers through automated diarization.

Automatically identify speakers and stitch together various exchanges into separate paragraphs so you don’t have to do it later. Get a nicely formatted transcription document that’s ready to go when you need it.

Tackle Problematic Audio and Video Files

Not every audio or video file comes with the high production quality you would expect. Ordinary transcription platforms require you to have crystal-clear communication. Get a taste of the extraordinary with Sonix.

The advancements made in artificial intelligence and natural language processing technologies have enabled Sonix to tackle those tricky transcription challenges. Muffled voices, heavily accented speakers, and background noise no longer need to complicate the transcription process.

Be amazed at the accuracy even with low-quality audio. For anything not caught by Sonix, use the in-browser text editor to iron out any last-second quirks.

Powerful Technology, No Training Needed

Most people believe that using audio transcription software at this level would require regular guidance and support from the manufacturer. At Sonix, we think differently.

Our interface is designed to be used by everyone, including those with limited technical experience.

Follow these steps to incorporate transcription (and even translation) into your venture:

  • Step One — Launch Sonix and upload any audio or video file. Drag it from your desktop and drop it into Sonix or use a cloud storage service like Dropbox or Google Drive.

  • Step Two — Click to transcribe. The platform continues to grow in accuracy and speed with every update. For every minute of audio or video, it will take one minute to subscribe, making it one of the fastest options on the market today.

  • Step Three — Edit your transcription. Every transcription can be edited in any way you please from any device with access to your account. Ensure everything remains organized and polish off your final result to achieve perfection.

  • Step Four — Need translation? Sonix can translate your edited transcript into more than 35 languages, including German, Mandarin, Spanish, and more.

  • Step Five — Make your final checks. Read through your transcript, make any last-minute touches, and your transcription is ready.

Sonix can even handle multiple files at the same time. Setup automated transcription for specific files and queue up your transcripts when needed. You will be amazed at how effective your personal video-to-text converter can be.

How Can I Use Transcription Software? 🔈

Transcribing anything yourself can be a daunting task. The time has come to make transcription a breeze.

Make the manual automatic and discover why elite-grade transcription is within easy reach of your organization.

Transcribe Any Audio or Video File

Transcription in the modern age has zero limitations. You can create a transcription of anything, ranging from podcasts and training videos to conferences and interviews.

No matter what you need to transcribe a file for, you can do it with Sonix.

Perfect for Individuals

Advanced software is often geared toward enterprises, with reams of training materials and difficult courses.

The Sonix vision has always been to provide groundbreaking transcription solutions ideal for use by individuals.

What’s more, our packages are cost-effective for those who lack the backing of a massive organization. Opt for various packages tailored to how often you need to transcribe audio and video.

Perfect for Enterprises Too

Large-scale transcription is expensive. Major corporations requiring mass transcription often employ in-house transcriptionists full-time.

Enterprises with vast transcription needs can purchase packages designed for producing thousands of transcribed files per month. Sonix is capable of scaling upward to fulfill your company’s transcription needs.

Nail Your Communication

Communicate effectively and eliminate the problem of accessibility. Make sure nothing is lost in translation by working with Sonix.

Transcribing any audio or video file is a breeze. You can ensure clear channels of communication with your employees, customers, and stakeholders.

Crystal-clear communication guarantees more efficiency, productivity, and profitability by reducing mistakes in text-based communication.

Why Sonix? 🔈

You can find transcription solutions everywhere. How do you know you are using the right option?

Sonix is the industry leader in cutting-edge transcription and translation services. Join the digital revolution in these industries and become an operation that fully embraces automation.

Your chance to incorporate the power of world-beating transcription will cost you less than a box of chocolates. Every minute of state-of-the-art transcription is measured in cents, not dollars.

Find out why Sonix is the top choice for individuals and enterprises everywhere before signing up for your trial, giving you 30 minutes of transcription time with no obligation.

Unrivaled Speed

Even the best human transcriptionist can take hours to produce an accurate transcription from relatively short audio or video files. A human cannot keep up with the power of a highly trained artificial intelligence platform imbued with natural language processing technology.

A five-minute video takes just that… five minutes to transcribe. At Sonix, there is no compromise when it comes to accuracy. Speed is essential, but accuracy is even more critical.

Benefit from the combination of speed and accuracy with Sonix now.

Work with Any File Format

Everyone has their own systems for file formats. Sonix can handle any type of audio or video file. Save time converting existing files and eliminate the chances of experiencing corrupted audio with the platform that adjusts to you, rather than the other way around.

Powerful Integrations for True Automation

Enterprises work with various tools to get the job done. Sonix includes a variety of powerful integrations to ensure this is the transcription solution that plays nice with a range of popular business tools.

Attach Sonix to your existing tools and get automated transcription for the files that matter to you the most. Take the manual out of the process by going fully automatic.

World-Class Support from Sonix

You don’t have to feel like you’re working out transcription software alone. Help is always available to anyone who asks for it.

Our world-class customer support team is fully trained in using the software and common and uncommon problems you may encounter.

The Sonix platform also includes various training and support materials to get answers to the most frequently asked questions on demand.

Commitment to Advancement

The needs of individuals and businesses are forever changing. Sonix is the transcription solution that never stands still.

Sonix constantly receives new updates with brand-new cutting-edge features, superior artificial intelligence technology, and updated natural language processing models.

The quality, accuracy, and speed of existing transcriptions are industry-leading, but they can always get better. The team behind Sonix is perpetually working to create an even more refined product for the needs of individuals and businesses.

Transcription at Affordable Prices

Manual transcription with the support of a professional is expensive. Instead of giving the problem to employees, get a virtual transcriptionist that never stops working.

Our cutting-edge transcription software is perfect for meetings, lectures, films, and more. No matter what kind of audio or video file you need to convert, Sonix can help you get there. Our automated transcription software is blazingly fast and amazingly accurate, so you never have to worry about converting files again.

Sonix also offers total flexibility by providing a selection of packages without needing to get locked into a long-term contract. Choose the right plan for you and sample the free trial giving you 30 minutes of free transcription time with full access to all Sonix’s features.

Testimonials Title 💘

Rating Sentence
Amazed by the software even in quite mixed audio!
Sonix is simple and very easy to use and the results were very nearly perfect. I would definitely recommended the site to anyone who asks me.
I was amazed at how accurate Sonix is.
It was excellent and almost entirely spot on with transcription.

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Sonix automatically transcribes, translates, and helps you organize your audio and video files in over 40 languages. Fast, accurate, and affordable. Millions of users from all over the world.

Try Sonix for freeIncludes 30 minutes of free transcription

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