How to mic a two-person interview

A step-by-step guide for recording your interviews the right way

What's the best way to record? 🎤

So you need to mic two people in an interview. The interviewer and the subject. Do you need multiple mics, lavalier mics, or shotgun mics? What’s the best way?

Here is the simplest way to do exactly that!

The best way to mic a two-person interview Step-by-step 📋

Step 1: Use two identical microphones

This is the most important thing you can do. You want two identical mics rather than one on a shotgun and one on a lavalier mic, for example. If you use two different mics you will drive yourself crazy trying to balance two different sound qualities in post production.

Step 2: Use desk or floor stands

Hand holding two mics is not very practical. The best thing to do is to use a desk stands if you are in a room with a table. If you aren’t sure if you will have access to a table, then you should use floor stands with booms. This way you can get the mics nice and close even if your subjects are sitting on a low couch or low chair.

Step 3: Avoid shotgun mics and lavalier mics

If you can, you should avoid shotgun mics in this situation as they must be precisely aimed at the speaker’s mouth. If your mics are on stands, you cannot be sure that someone will not move out of the shotgun’s narrow polar pattern. Lavalier mics aren’t ideal either as they often pick up scratching noises.

Step 4: Use a cardioid or super-cardioid mic

Cardioid or super-cardioid mics are the most tolerant mics when people are moving around. If you add a good windscreen, you likely won’t hear the pop when used up close.

That's it

And remember, great audio capture = amazing automated transcription results!

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