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Cutting-edge AI will automatically convert your video to text in minutes. Spend a minute cleaning up your transcript, then easily export timestamped SRT and VTT files.

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Insert automated subtitles in your favorite video editing software in minutes, not hours.

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Independently reviewed as the most accurate automated subtitling service.

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Less than the cost of a remote control. Save money easily.

Why Sonix?Best for your media

Quickly transcribe your latest video and see how great the subtitles are for yourself!

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The world’s fastest & easiest subtitling platform

Creating subtitles and closed captions is time-consuming and expensive. With Sonix's AI video subtitle generator, it’s both affordable and fast! After transcribing a video with Sonix, it is really easy to customize your subtitles and captions just the way you want them.

Video Subtitles Benefit Everyone

Figuring out how to add subtitles to a video? You might be glad to know there are transcription tools with auto subtitle generators from audio features. Some can even auto-generate subtitles from video offline. When considering the power of speech, an auto subtitle generator tool can truly transform how content is generated.

But why do you want to use an auto subtitle generator to add captions in your video in the first place? What are the benefits?

First, when you add subtitles to video content, you're making it more accessible.

Chances are that a large chunk of your audience has a hearing disability. In the US alone, approximately 15% of adults aged 18 and above are hearing impaired. That's close to 37.5 million people who might be unable to view and understand your video without a subtitle. An auto subtitle generator can greatly expand your reach to an untapped audience.

But even viewers without a hearing impairment might still need subtitles in certain situations. For example, people might want to watch your video while commuting home or staying at a library. If they forget their headphones, they can't turn on the audio and will need subtitles to consume your content. In situations like this, having a closed caption generator at your disposal can be invaluable.

There's also a chunk of people who simply prefer to have the sound off when they screen content. This scenario is especially true when people browse on Facebook, where audio-on-video content is disabled by default. You want to capture their attention and immediately communicate what the video is about. Subtitles are a great approach to do that. Adding Subtitles for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (SDH subtitles) to your videos will make your media even more accessible.

See, accessibility isn't just for people with disabilities. As a rule of thumb, your content should be easily consumed regardless of how people watch it. Thus, using an auto subtitle generator helps ensure that you get the highest viewership numbers.

Breaking the language barrier is another good reason to add captions to video. You can easily make an English video accessible to other countries and markets through subtitles. That eliminates the need to produce another video in separate languages, which is time-consuming and expensive. With the rise of automatic subtitles and automatic captions, viewers can simply click to enable them and choose the desired language.

Videos with speakers who have thick accents, mumble, or talk fast can also benefit from a video caption generator. In fact, advanced AI subtitle generator tools are emerging as a solution for such challenges. AI subtitles can help the viewer catch up or get used to the speaker's pace.

When you add subtitles to the video, you offer a clearer option for comprehension. This is especially crucial for technical videos that use a lot of jargon, proper names, and uncommon words. A good example is transcribing a court proceeding, which often involves much hard-to-understand legalese.

Adding subtitles can make such content much easier to consume for the layperson. One can easily pause the video and look up the word if they have to.

You can also improve searchability when you add subtitles to the video. According to experts, captions can help boost your video's search engine optimization and ranking. With the creation of accurate and engaging captions, it can also make it very easy to find, further improving visibility.

Having subtitles also means you can easily generate a transcript, which is another big win for SEO.

Normally, when a webpage has a video, search bots like Google base search and ranking only on the title and description. But when you upload a transcript with the video, you add a way for them to "read" the content of your video as if it were an article. Doing this makes your video highly visible in search engines.

Subtitles also have a psychological effect. It's proven to help viewers concentrate better on your content, especially if they have attention disorders.

It can also help certain viewers retain information better. The fact is that different people have various modes of learning at which they excel. While some learn best through auditory information, others do better through visuals. Subtitles will help you accommodate both of these learning styles.

There are plenty of good reasons to generate subtitles from video. Free and paid options exist, so there's no reason not to implement them in your business today.

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“Sonix has been a game changer for our captioning business. After trying several other similar services, I found Sonix to be the most accurate, efficient, and cost-effective solution. The Sonix Editor makes the transcription clean-up process super easy. In addition to their quality product, any questions I have are promptly answered by friendly support staff.”
“In my line of work, in an industry that values accuracy and efficiency, Sonix has been absolutely essential. Transcripts are ready in minutes, and the intuitive interface allows me to quickly edit and export the files that I need. It’s difficult to quantify just how much time Sonix has saved me, but suffice to say it’s a lot”

Easily customize subtitles and captions 🎥

Sonix's flexible exporting system allows you to fully customize your SRT and VTT files

Split captions

Split your subtitles in seconds by character length, time duration, and number of lines.

Edit and polish captions

Easily clean up your captions and fine-tune them to display at the perfect timing, down to the millisecond.

Customize captions

Customize your subtitles by font type, size, color, background and position.

Burn-in captions

Burn subtitles right into your video so you can share with anyone, anywhere with ease.

Create closed captions in minutes 🎧

Import automated subtitles and captions into Adobe Premiere
Import automated subtitles and captions into Final Cut Pro
Import automated subtitles and captions into Avid Media Composer

Seamlessly works with video editing software

Sonix works with popular video editing software like Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro, and Avid Media Composer. Simplify your workflow by editing captions and subtitles in Sonix, then export to Premiere or FCP in seconds.

SRT and VTT formats supported

The most commonly used subtitling and caption formats are SRT (Subrip) and VTT (Video Text Tracks). Sonix supports both making your workflow streamlined and simple.

Subtitles for your social media videos 🎥

Videos on social drive 10x engagement

Adding video to your social feeds will make it 10x more likely your visitors will engage with you and share your posts.

80% of social videos are watched with sound off

Did you know that 80% of social videos are watched with the sound off? Easily export subtitles from Sonix onto your Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter videos and get more clicks!

Subtitle social videos right

There is a HUGE difference between doing a social video, and doing a video REALLY well. One of the biggest impacts you can make to your video is to add subtitles or captions.

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Step 1: Create account

Create your Sonix account for free. Every trial account comes with 30 minutes of free transcription. No credit card required.

Step 2: Upload your video

Upload your video file to our secure servers. We accept most file formats and we will start transcribing your video file immediately.

Step 3: Polish & export

Use our powerful editor to easily polish your transcript. Then, export your subtitles and captions as a SRT or VTT file.

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Auto-subtitle generator

Sonix automatically transcribes, translates, and helps you organize your audio and video files in over 40 languages. Fast, accurate, and affordable. Millions of users from all over the world.

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