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Our world-class language models can quickly convert your audio to text and then help you translate your transcripts to over 50 languages.

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Sonix is the best automated transcription and translation platform. Upload your audio & video files to Sonix. We'll first convert the audio to text using our state-of-the-art audio to text translator.

Then, you have the opportunity to tweak the transcript before our systems translate the text. It's fast—it all happens in minutes. Once you approve the transcript, we’ll quickly translate the recordings into the different languages you need. Powerful automated transcription features are at your fingertips.

Make your text more accessible and ensure perfect accuracy with Sonix, the translate voice-to-text program aimed at automating the complex, time-consuming process of transcription and translation. Open up a world of possibilities and translate audio with our powerful translator audio app.

Improve the accessibility of content for your business, all while experiencing world-class audio translation software from Sonix. Easy to use and efficient, Sonix changes the way you translate audio to text.

Say goodbye to professional translators and transcribers and hello to quality audio translation services that provide the same excellent quality. Sonix even offers an audio-to-audio translator for converting videos, tutorials, and podcasts into other languages.

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Need to translate a recording? No problem! Just upload it to Sonix, and then our automatic translation system will convert your audio track with lightning speed.

Ordinary transcript translation services will only take you so far. Set yourself apart from the crowd with our new language translator audio features.

Transform and translate audio into multiple languages and ensure your international customers can understand any communication from your organization. Break down language barriers and get the translations you need with precision.

Seamlessly move between languages with accurate translation and transcription without hiring an expensive professional's services. Translate sound files into the following languages:

How Sonix helps you translate your audio and video transcripts⚙

Translating audio and video transcripts with the Sonix audio translation app couldn’t be easier. Enable and enhance your projects with Sonix's capabilities to translate audio. As the world leader in artificial intelligence technology, we aim to simplify the process.

It takes only minutes to start translating your first file. Whether you want to translate audio to English text or into a different target language, our advanced technology quickly converts your audio recording with exceptional speed. Sonix opens your content to a global audience. And best of all, minimal effort is necessary to use the cutting-edge features of the Sonix platform. If you're looking to translate audio file formats at the click of a button, you've come to the right place.

Ready to begin your first audio translation and transcription? Follow these five steps to adopt the industry-defining approach to transcription and translation:

  • Step one — Begin by uploading an audio or video file to Sonix. Drag and drop your file into Sonix from your desktop or cloud storage service, such as Dropbox or Google Drive.

  • Step two — Sonix will get to work on providing your transcript. With every update, Sonix improves its speed without compromising on accuracy. Most files will be fully converted into a text transcript in five minutes or less.

  • Step three — Do you need to make changes to the final transcript? Our online editor allows you to make changes, so if, for any reason, you are not 100% happy with the results, you can customize the transcript to your liking.

  • Step four — Select a language for translation. Sonix covers all the major world languages, including English, French, Spanish, German, and Japanese.

  • Step five — Confirm the accuracy of your text transcript, double-check you have the right language, and then wait for your translation. It should take no more than five minutes, just like your initial transcript.

Ready to begin your first audio translation and transcription? Follow these five steps to adopt the industry-defining approach to transcription and translation:

Sonix transcription and translation:

  • Sonix uses the latest artificial intelligence and natural language processing models to create the most accurate transcripts. Transcription and translation have never been easier. With Sonix, you can translate audio from video seamlessly.

  • Please upload clean, crisp, and clear audio and video files for the most accurate transcripts. It couldn’t be easier to translate audio with Sonix.

  • Automated transcription and translation are fast; the whole process shouldn’t take longer than 10 minutes.

  • Sonix works faster than any human translator or transcriptionist. No other service will produce accurate transcripts and translations as quickly or as simply.

  • Our service handles multiple file formats for upload and export, enabling you to get the file type you require.

  • Powerful integrations to ensure Sonix works with your organization, not against it.

  • World-class customer support to help you get the most out of Sonix.

  • Consistent additions of new features and refinement of artificial intelligence technology and natural language processing models to continually improve the platform's quality, accuracy, and speed.

Keys to Success 🔑

When you translate live audio to text, success is measured by the quality of your audio file. You get better accuracy when you have a higher-quality piece of audio or video. Multiple speakers, low-grade sounds, and muffled speech can cause complications, leading you to spend more time working within the Sonix online text transcription editor.

Streamline the process of using a language translator audio system by following the below tips for success.

Get the Right Equipment

Audio quality is defined by the equipment you use. Attempting to record from an older phone, in noisy surroundings, or with too many people speaking over each other can lead to problems with the final result. With Sonix’s audio file translator, even complex conversations can be easily translated into accurate text.

If you've got a vlog or interview on video, our video audio translator ensures that talking points, colloquial phrases, and cultural idioms are seamlessly turned into text.

Practice Speaking Your Words

If you’re operating a pre-planned production, take the time to rehearse and listen to the sound of your voice. Aim to speak without sibilance and popping.

Be consistent with the speed of your speech and enunciate every sound. It takes time, but you will notice the difference in the final result.

You should also work on your breathing. Deeper breathing projects your voice and increases the volume by a couple of notches, making your words easier to hear.

Perform a Sound Check

Bands, podcasters, and movie directors all perform sound checks before beginning the show for a reason. Sound checks ensure that your equipment is positioned correctly and sounds will be picked up without missing words or fading sentences.

Perform your sound check and be careful where you position yourself and your microphone. Record a short clip and play it back to yourself. Does it sound crisp and crystal clear? If not, rethink your setup.

Change your Environment

Where you translate voice to text has as much of an impact on the results as your equipment. For those always on the move, the ability to translate audio online with Sonix ensures accessibility and convenience, no matter where you are. Avoid areas where you may start picking up ambient noise.

For example, if one room faces a busy street and shutting the window doesn’t remove the noise, try moving your setup to another location.

Some degree of experimentation will be required to get this right. You can also invest in soundproofing if you reside in a busy part of town.

Use Audio Editing Equipment

Audio editing programs, such as Audacity and Sony Vegas, can help you finetune your audio tracks and remove any unwanted sounds. Be aware that these programs can be difficult to learn how to use.

Sonix, however, can work with the majority of audio files. Some background noise here and there won’t impact the platform’s ability to translate voice to text and create accurate translations.

What Can You Translate?

The answer is anything.

Ready to quickly translate your audio? Translate recordings into your desired language in just a few minutes. Sonix’s personal audio translator can transcribe and translate any type of audio content. Whether you want to transcribe an interview, a political speech, a podcast, a tutorial, or a vlog, you can do it with Sonix. If you're looking for what's next in the realm of transcription, Sonix has you covered.

Giving yourself a text version of an audio or video is handy for increasing the accessibility of your content. You can appeal to different audiences, including the hard-of-hearing. If you’re considering ways to translate the language from an audio file, Sonix’s audio translator can expand your reach and help you connect with a wider audience.

Creating a transcription and converting it into a new language allows you to access a new audience without reproducing the same content repeatedly.

The answer is anything, so get started with Sonix now for less than the cost of a box of chocolates.

Translate Voice to Text FAQ 🔑

Got questions about Sonix and how this app can support your venture in the pursuit of great, accessible content? Here are the answers.

How do I convert a voice recording to text?

Any voice recordings can be turned into a text transcript with Sonix. All you have to do is upload a video or audio file into Sonix from your desktop or cloud storage platform, and we’ll do the rest.

The magic happens through natural language processing models and artificial intelligence combining to analyze what’s being said and turn it into a text transcript.

What if I need to change the transcription?

Not every transcription is perfect. Muffled voices, background noise, or multiple speakers can all complicate the transcription process, leading to some words being missed or mistaken. This can also happen when people with strong accents speak or use slang terms.

After every transcription, you will have the option to look over the resulting transcription and make changes using the online editor.

It’s also a good idea to review your transcription to remove any additional sounds or sentences that may sound as well as they read.

How long does it take to complete my transcription/translation?

It depends on the size of the file. Generally, longer video and audio tracks will take more time than a short 30-second clip.

The transcription and translation processes take as much time as it does to play the clip. For example, if you have a 15-minute file, it will take roughly 15 minutes.

Today, Sonix is one of the fastest voice-to-text translation platforms. Speed does not come at the expense of quality or accuracy, however.

What file formats can I upload on Sonix?

Sonix doesn’t use a special file type. You can upload all major audio and video file formats. What separates Sonix from other similar options is that you can export the results in all major readable formats, such as DOCX and PDF.

Can I try Sonix for free?

If you’re unsure whether this is the transcription and translation solution for you, try it for free. All new users can take advantage of Sonix for up to 40 minutes of free transcription time.

Three different pricing plans are available to users, including:

  • Standard – The pay-as-you-go option. Best for those individual, occasional projects. The current price is $10 per hour of transcription, making it far more affordable than hiring a professional transcriptionist.

  • Premium – Regular users will get more value from the premium plan. It costs just $5 per hour of transcription time, plus $22 per month for each user. The premium program is the right choice for you if you’re a business that relies heavily on communication.

  • Enterprise – For high-volume transcription, the enterprise plan is an excellent option. It is priced according to your organization's specific needs. Contact us so we can give you a customized quote.

Note that translation charges are applied at the same rate as transcription. For example, transcribing and translating a 15-minute file will mean your account is charged at 30 minutes because you’re using both services.

Do I need to download anything to use Sonix?

No, there’s no need to download any software to transcribe with Sonix.

Sonix is an in-browser editor that works anywhere. Simply enter your login details, and you can access your dashboard and all available tools wherever you have an active Internet connection.

Is file storage available with Sonix?

Access your files from anywhere, regardless of which plan you’re using. Sonix gives you varying file storage limits based on your current payment plan.

Basic users gain 10 GB of secure file storage, with access for 90 days. Premium and enterprise users gain 50 GB and 100 GB of storage space within our enterprise-grade data centers, respectively. Moreover, you can enjoy access to your files for longer.

Does Sonix offer any integration tools?

Sonix is designed to work seamlessly with other platforms. We provide deep integrations with most major business software platforms to improve your experience. Examples of popular integrations supported by Sonix include:

  • Zapier – Automate your transcription processes with Zapier and Sonix. Zapier will trigger workflows within other apps whenever Sonix completes a new transcription.

  • Dropbox – Streamline audio and video content workflows by uploading multiple files at once into your Dropbox account and allowing Sonix to work in the background.

  • Google Drive – Save time and effort on audio and video workflows by uploading your files to Google Drive. Sonix will connect with your Google Drive account and transcribe documents automatically.

The Sonix team is constantly working on new ways to provide more integration with other platforms. The capabilities are limitless.

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