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Sonix makes transcribing audio and video files as fast, painless, and secure as possible. There are no complicated workflows, no human intervention, and no tricks. Just fast, secure, automated transcription that you can depend on.

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Trusted Automatic Transcription Software 👍

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⚡ Transcription platform and API ⚡

Build your own custom transcription workflows to run your business your way.

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Sonix transcription workflow

What is automated transcription? 🔥

The value of automated transcription services

Automated transcription is the ability to accurately convert speech into text. Transforming audio or video to text opens up a whole new world of opportunities for data mining and information. The text that is created can easily be analyzed or fed into other applications for further insight. Accuracy is of utmost importance.

Sonix proprietary algorithms leverage the latest in AI to drive the most accurate automated transcript on the market. Sonix is fast, easy, and accurate. All the things you need in the world’s most revered automated transcription platform.

One of the best values of automatic transcription software is that it offers many different benefits that start with transcribing audio.

For instance, you can take an English video, transcribe it, and then translate that into another language. Sonix can do this automatically and can support up to 39 languages. As a result, you can access new markets and expand your reach to other countries.

Automatic transcription software also allows you to put subtitles to your videos easily and automatically. This is valuable for making your content accessible to people with hearing disabilities.

Auto transcription services can also allow you to repurpose your content. For example, you can use the transcript of an existing video to create blog articles, webinars, and social media posts. That allows you to extend the life of your marketing assets and increase the mileage of your marketing spend.

Auto-transcribing software can even improve your SEO. You can upload a transcript alongside a video or audio file so search engine bots can “read” the content. This will increase the ranking of that content and make it easier to find.

Automatic transcription software is also invaluable as an internal tool. You can use it to transcribe the dozens of meetings or sales calls that most businesses get in a single day. That will allow you to review them and extract insights at your convenience.

Transcripts can also help prevent miscommunication by stating the exact words in an online meeting. This benefit is especially valuable if some speakers are from various countries with different accents.

Finally, opting for an auto transcript service instead of hiring a professional has its perks. Automated tools like Sonix can produce transcripts that are nearly as accurate as a human but at a faster turnaround time. Transcriptions for a moderate-length video can take as little as 10 minutes.

Even the best transcriptionist, by contrast, will take hours to do it. At most, you just need to do minor editing to get it up to quality.

Then there’s also the cost. Human-run transcription services typically charge high hourly fees. Sonix, in contrast, only charges a fraction of that price.

Best transcription software

The accuracy of automated transcription software

Sonix has been independently reviewed as the most accurate automated transcription service. Word-error-rate is the typical metric to assess accuracy, but features like the Sonix Custom Dictionary enable customers to create custom vocabularies and further increase accuracy. Leveraging the power of AI transcription models, Sonix ensures unparalleled precision in transcribed speech to text.

We are frequently testing across all languages to get consistently low WER across all media types. Our testing demonstrates the lowest WER when compared to some of the largest players on the market.

Indeed, accuracy is one of the top metrics for identifying the best automatic transcription software.

Indeed, many free transcription tools suffer from low-quality results. At most, you’d need to spend added time and effort to tweak these transcripts to bring them up to acceptable accuracy because even a mistranslated or misheard word can be disastrous. In a court case, for example, a wrong transcription of a testimony can get a person wrongfully convicted or freed. In scientific applications, it can lead to erroneous conclusions.

But even in the context of business, even slightly inaccurate transcriptions will reflect poorly on your business. At worst, a mistranslation to another language might offend some of your clients.

Learn more about word error rate

AI Transcription Use Cases 🖥

Harness the power and precision of AI transcription across a spectrum of industries and tasks. Experience unparalleled speed and simplicity with our platform, designed to deliver precise transcription results seamlessly. Explore the vast applications and let us assist you with domain-specific transcription needs.

Business Meetings

Elevate your corporate interactions with our AI transcription tools. Perfectly transcribe your essential meetings, capturing every discussion point for better follow-up and accountability. Review, edit, and trace back decisions to foster clarity and work continuity within your team.

Educational Content

Empower learning with the best AI transcription. Transcribe lectures, discussions, and educational material, facilitating inclusive learning experiences and comprehensive study aids. With every lecture transcript, ensure your educational content is thorough and accessible.


Optimize podcast accessibility with our AI transcription software. Offer text versions of your episodes, enhancing your content's reach and searchability. Seamlessly generate transcripts and enrich the user experience by making your podcasts easily navigable.


Transform qualitative interactions into tangible assets. Use our AI transcribe audio-to-text functionality to produce a complete record of your interviews, refining your analysis and ensuring precise documentation for your professional work.

Journalism & News Reporting

Uphold reporting accuracy with our AI transcription video tools. Process multiple sources for your stories at unmatched speed, delivering timely and precise news pieces. Let us help you meet deadlines with precision.

Customer Support

Enhance your customer support strategy by integrating AI transcription tools. Transcribe and analyze support calls, enabling targeted training and ensuring service excellence. Whether you need to AI transcribe video to text or audio, experience impeccable transcription quality tailored for businesses.

Content Creation & Marketing

Enhance your digital marketing efforts with the best AI transcription software. Transcribing video content, interviews, and webinars enhances SEO, increases accessibility, and boosts audience engagement. Our AI transcription video tools help creators generate text alternatives for their multimedia content, providing a better approach to reaching wider audiences.

Research & Development

Foster innovation through meticulous documentation. With our AI transcribe audio-to-text functionality, researchers and developers can easily convert brainstorming sessions, focus group discussions, and experimental observations into structured text. This ensures no breakthrough idea or critical feedback is lost. It also aids in the simple and speedy sharing of insights within a team or across collaborators.

Event Reporting & Conferences

Capture the essence of large-scale events, seminars, and conferences with auto AI transcription. Transcribe keynote speeches, panel discussions, and Q&A sessions, providing attendees with comprehensive post-event material. This boosts the event's value proposition and allows organizers to repurpose and distribute content in varied formats, reaching a broader audience.

Incorporating AI transcription software is imperative in today's competitive landscape. Our platform is designed to cater to a diverse range of transcription needs. Equip your operations with AI precision, speed, and reliability. Choose Sonix for an all-in-one transcription solution that stands out from the competition.

Customer reviews of Sonix's automated transcription 💘

4.98 rating from 203 reviews
What I was able to do with Sonix was amazing. Transcribed and translated in minutes on remote Guatemalan WiFi!
Fast and easy, and accurate. And searchable.
Fantastic product and service. Fast, great quality transcript, great online editing facility. Whole experience was easy and problem free.
I've tried your service, and I love it.

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Why should I transcribe with Sonix? ✋

How accurate is Sonix's automated transcription service?

Sonix is an advanced machine-learning speech-to-text engine. With our innovative AI transcription capabilities, we are pushing the boundaries of speech technology through next-generation neural networks, natural language processing, and natural language understanding. Sonix’s best-in-class natural language platform can provide a multitude of formatted exports accurately, regardless of the scenario.

See how accurate our transcription is

How does Sonix stay ahead of the competition?

Sonix regularly benchmarks our automated transcription against the biggest and the best in the ASR market. Our AI transcription functionality continually improves as we monitor competitor documentation and integrate with their APIs so we can review the outputs. We do this with many of our languages so that we remain best-in-class. Sonix leverages the latest in AI to drive the most accurate automated transcript on the market.

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Powerful in-browser audio + text editor ✏

The audio is stitched to the text so you can polish your automated transcript easily.

Learn more about the Sonix AudioText Editor

Sonix transcription workflow

Automated transcription features 💬

Automatic speech recognition

Automatic speech recognition (ASR) powered by deep learning neural networking to power your applications like voice search or speech transcription.

Global vocabulary

Sonix leverages massive data sets to recognize and process more than 35 languages as well as different dialects and variants

Noise cancellation

Sonix can process noisy audio and video from a variety of situations without requiring additional noise cancellation.

Automatic punctuation

Sonix accurately punctuates transcripts with commas, question marks, and periods.

Speaker recognition (beta)

Sonix automatically detects speaker changes and separates transcripts into paragraph exchanges

Multi-channel recognition

In recordings where each participant is recorded in a separate channel or track, Sonix will recognize each channel separately and then combine each recording into one transcript.

Powerful API

Sonix understands the need for further automation. The Sonix API is robust and allows for further customizations to boost productivity and process higher volumes at scale.

Online Transcription Services and Benefits You’re Not Taking Advantage Of 📈

Still on the fence about getting our all-in-one transcription platform?

Here are some additional benefits you might not know about.

We already mentioned above how the best online transcription service can save you plenty of money due to lower costs and faster processing time. But most platforms also have a transparent and fair payment system.

That’s because tools like Sonix adopt a pay-as-you-use scheme. We charge a low fee ($10 per video hour compared to the industry standard of $100 per hour for professionals) only when you transcribe. There’s no monthly fee or subscription to pay.

The fast turnaround time and fair pricing make Sonix a great tool for companies with a bulk of video content. It ensures that your transcriptions can catch up with the volume of video you produce while paying a relatively affordable fee for the service.

Beyond transcribing video, you'll get access to other great features such as subtitle generation, secure file storage, and translation to various languages. These are services that few transcriptionists can provide. At most, you need to hire multiple providers to achieve it.

Indeed, platforms like Sonix give you the power and flexibility of a low-cost, on-demand transcription service at your fingertips.

The best automated transcription service in 2024 🚀

Easily convert your audio to text with Sonix

Sonix automatically transcribes, translates, and helps you organize your audio and video files in over 40 languages. Fast, accurate, and affordable. Millions of users from all over the world.

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