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Convert video files to text in minutes

Use cutting-edge AI to automatically transcribe videos to text in minutes, not hours. Then, clean up the transcript and create subtitles for your video content.

Your free trial includes 30 minutes of free transcription.

How fast?Really, really fast

Fast AI speech-to-text algorithms quickly convert video to text.

How accurate?Highly accurate

With high-quality audio, your video transcripts will be surprisingly accurate.

How much?Extremely affordable

Way less than the cost of a gimbal. Save money transcribing videos with Sonix.

Why Sonix?Best for your video

Sonix is the best and most accurate way to transcribe video files in 2024.

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Transcribe video files📝

Transcribe video files quickly and accurately

Transcribing video files to text is now fast, simple, and cost-efficient with Sonix. Sonix has been independently reviewed as the most accurate video transcription service.

Our leading video transcription software can quickly transcribe your media files (including mp4, avi, mov, mpeg, and other popular video file formats). Simply upload your video file, and we'll transcribe it. The power of our video-to-text converter ensures a quick turnaround, transforming hours of footage into an editable text file in just a few minutes. Polish the transcript with our in-browser editor, then export the transcript into your favorite video editor or share it with your teammates.

Your free trial starts today and includes 30 minutes of free video transcription. What are you waiting for? Transcribe your videos quickly and accurately with Sonix.

Transcript: Video to text 🚀

Sonix automatically transcribes and translates your audio/video files in 49+ languages. Easily search, edit, and share your media files. Sonix was rated as the most accurate video to text converter in 2024. Get access to the latest AI-powered video to text algorithms.  Fast, accurate, and affordable. Millions of users from all over the world.

Fast, accurate automated transcription

Includes 30 minutes of free transcription

Generate Transcript from Video with Sonix 🖥

Turn your video into an accurate transcription in minutes with the world’s leading transcription platform.

With Sonix’s video transcript generator, you can produce your next video with transcription to increase audience comprehension,. When you add subtitles, you make your content accessible to deaf or hard-of-hearing viewers, and increase your video views.

Creating a transcript from a video has never been simpler with the AI-powered platform that produces accurate results while saving you time, money, and effort.


Slash your content creation time by hundreds of hours every year with Sonix's full-suite video transcriber.

Starting the transcription process is as easy as uploading your video file, choosing your preferred settings, and letting Sonix do all the work in a few minutes.

Accurate AI Technology

Sonix's powerful video-to-transcript capabilities combines AI and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to produce transcriptions with the same proficiency as a human transcriptionist.

With the world’s best-reviewed transcription option by your side, creating a transcript from a video has never been simpler.

Affordable Pricing

Creating captions and summaries expands the accessibility of your videos and enhances audience engagement. But, hiring a human transcriptionist is costly and time-consuming.

Sonix has turned the industry on its head by providing an opportunity to generate a transcript from video with a simple, transparent pricing plan. Take advantage of our premium package and spend just $5 an hour to transcribe videos.

Over 38 Languages Available

Ensure the world can watch your video with the support of their native language on YouTube and other popular video platforms.

Sonix lets you equip your video transcript with over 38 of the world’s most popular languages, including Arabic, English, French, Mandarin, German, and Spanish. Generating transcripts in different languages makes your YouTube videos and clips on other video platforms more accessible and engaging to a global audience, expanding your reach and impact.

No Training Necessary

Our video-to-transcript converter is designed for individuals and businesses with zero experience creating transcriptions. Sonix lets you get started with all the necessary tools with no complex training programs or steep learning curves.

Turning a transcript from a video to text has never been easier; upload your file, and let our AI technology do the rest. Sonix is all about making transcription simple.

Chop and Change Inside Your Browser

Format and edit the finished transcript to your liking without learning to use another platform. Just check the AI-generated text and make any necessary changes from within your browser.

What’s more, Sonix makes the editing process simpler by including speaker labeling and automated timestamping.

Handle Multiple Audio/Video Tracks at Once

Combine separate audio and video tracks into a single transcription. Unlike other platforms, you can generate a transcript from a video using multiple files as part of the same project.

Sign up for our premium or enterprise package to use this feature.

Try the Ultimate Video Transcribe Tool for Free

Discover how easy it is to transcribe audio from video with Sonix’s free trial. If you’re wondering how valuable this tool is for your business, you can transcribe a video with 30 minutes of free transcription time just by signing up now.

How transcribing video with Sonix works ⚙

How to transcribe video files

  1. Go to to upload your video file to Sonix
  2. Select a video file from your desktop, Dropbox, or Google Drive folder (.mp4, .wma, .mov and .avi formats accepted)
  3. Select the language spoken in your uploaded video file and click the transcribe video button
  4. You will receive a transcript of your video file in minutes, not hours.

Great features to transcribe video

  • No software to install. Store your files in the cloud. Access them from anywhere.
  • Enterprise-grade security. Files are encrypted at rest.
  • Online transcript editor allows you to edit video by editing text. It feels so simple.
  • Share your videos easily. Collaborate with colleagues.
  • Export the transcribed text into multiple file formats including SRT, VTT, text, and csv.
  • Easily import your transcript into Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro, and iMovie.
  • Split your dialogue into subtitles by character count, CPS, or into multiple lines with our powerful subtitle editor.
  • Highlight words to create instantly sharable clips of your video with supporting transcripts.

Transcribe video | Frequently asked questions ⚙

Why should I transcribe video to text?

There are many reasons to transcribe video to text, but it depends on what kind of videos you have on your computer or stored with your company. Here are some of the popular reasons why Sonix customers transcribe videos:

  • It's tedious. Save time manually typing in a word processor.
  • Accurately index your video files so you can quickly find a key moment
  • Share clips of videos with your colleagues for better collaboration
  • Learn or improve your skills with a second language

What is video file transcription?

Most videos have an audio track. With automated transcription, you can easily convert that audio track into text so you can easily find when someone mentioned a particular topic. Journalists, interviewers, business owners, and filmmakers love Sonix because they can capture moments and ideas and quickly find them by skimming a transcript instead of meticulously scrubbing a video file for hours. This acts as a quick guide for those who need to follow along with lengthy voice recordings. News conferences, depositions, lectures, interviews, and Zoom meetings are all great video moments to transcribe. A video transcription with timestamps can make a huge difference for people who need to refer to video files at a later date with colleagues or to share them with video editors.

What makes video file transcription with Sonix so good?

We've incorporated a number of technical innovations along with a number of cutting-edge language models to provide you with the most accurate video transcription available. Depending on the quality of your audio, our algorithms will transcribe the video in seconds, quickly and accurately. With the added data from the text transcription, we enhance spoken words in your video file so that computer algorithms better recognize them. As a generator for precise text, we've ensured an engaging experience for each and every user. Additionally, our platform supports various formats and multiple languages, making it easy for users worldwide to convert videos into text. Finally, we've made Sonix in the cloud so that you can always access your video files and their corresponding transcripts.

Why use a professional video transcription service like Sonix?

Two words: accuracy and workflow. Sonix has been independently reviewed as the most accurate video transcription service. And after receiving your accurate transcript, you will still need to spend a bit of time correcting some words (especially the spelling of proper nouns). With the powerful in-browser editing software where the audio is stitched to the text so you can easily make changes to your transcript while listening to the corresponding audio and watching the corresponding video.

Sonix is here to make transcribing videos as easy as possible. And once you are done with the editing, you can export the transcript in a variety of formats so you can incorporate the text of your video with the next step of your workflow.

Our goal is to ensure that you have the most accurate transcript possible from your video file. The more accurately our servers convert the audio to text, the faster we give you the transcript. The easier we make your editing process goes a long way to ensuring that you have the best experience possible. Additionally, layer on great and responsive customer support; we know that you'll be impressed with the magic behind Sonix.

How automatic is the Sonix transcription platform?

The Sonix transcription platform will start converting your audio to text as soon as we receive your video file. Spoken words will instantaneously change into text as our servers process the file. There are multiple ways to send video files to Sonix:

  • Upload the video file directly from your computer
  • Connect Dropbox to your Sonix account and send the correct video file
  • Connect Google Drive to your Sonix account and send the video file
  • Integrate with Zoom so your recorded video meetings are transcribed
  • Use Zapier to integrate with other cloud services that your company uses

The main advantage of the Sonix transcription platform is that we accept all of the popular video file formats and immediately get to work on processing your video files as you send them to us.

Why should I transcribe video to text?

Wow - where to start? There are so many reasons to transcribe video to text, and thanks to Sonix, all of the guesswork has been taken out of how to transcribe a video to text. If you want to transcribe video to text free online today to see how it works, you can start with a free trial! You can then use Sonix to:

Create subtitles for video

Before you post your videos online or distribute them, you can add a subtitle track to accompany the video to make it more accessible and approachable for a wider audience. Using Sonix, the leading software to transcribe video to text, you can effortlessly convert speech and export the transcriptions to SRT or VTT formats.

Get a transcript of Zoom meetings

After a Zoom meeting, you might want to compare notes with your colleagues about what was discussed. By using an auto transcribe video to text service on the Zoom meeting you recorded, you can easily reference the moment that you discussed a particular topic or even create clips of the relevant portions of the Zoom recording.

Transcribe depositions

Lawyers frequently have to reference portions of a deposition to build their cases. Thus, video depositions or court recordings can be easily indexed with a text transcript that contains timestamps.

Transcribe customer interviews

Marketing teams frequently interview their customers and advocates. To get testimonials or valuable customer feedback to share with the team, transcribing these video interviews is very helpful. Also, having a verbatim transcript helps preserve the intent and context of their feedback so that nothing gets lost in translation or note-taking.

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Sonix automatically transcribes, translates, and helps you organize your audio and video files in over 40 languages. Fast, accurate, and affordable. Millions of users from all over the world.

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