How to translate Thai audio to Russian text
You'll be amazed at how  fast accurate affordable easy simple it is with Sonix

Our advanced speech-to-text algorithms will accurately convert your Thai audio to text and then translate the transcript to Russian. It's fast, accurate, and very affordable.

Translate Thai audio files to Russian

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How to accurately translate Thai audio to Russian text

Four simple steps with Sonix:

  1. Upload your Thai audio file

    Start by uploading your Thai audio file to Sonix. You'll receive a text transcript in Thai in just a few minutes based on the length of your file. Sonix supports many popular audio file formats.

  2. Polish the Thai text transcript

    Spend a few minutes in our powerful online editor cleaning up the automatically transcribed Thai transcript. This will dramatically improve the accuracy of your future translation. 

  3. Select Russian from the “Translation” menu

    Our advanced language models will quickly translate your Thai transcript to Russian in a few minutes. 

  4. Polish your final Russian transcript

    Our powerful editor will help you clean up your new Russian transcript quickly with our side-by-side view. Click on the globe icon to show the original Thai transcript next to the newly translated Russian transcript. 

Transcribe Thai audio files then translate to Russian 🚀

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