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Fast audio transcription service🚤

Transform how you transcribe audio and video with Sonix, an industry-leading automated transcription solution. Save time and money on professionally fast transcription services, while benefitting from up to 97% accuracy for your projects!

Have a video project that needs to be transcribed? Turbocharge your workflow by relying on Sonix's audio transcription service.

Get more done in less time with accurate transcriptions ready within minutes at an unbeatable price lower than your morning cup of coffee! Turn just 15 minutes' worth of footage into content before you finish your last sip.

Average time to usable content (1-hour file)

We reviewed a variety of human transcription services and compared them against Sonix. Human transcription services claim 99% accuracy, automated transcription may be less accurate depending on the audio quality.

Human vs. AI-Powered Transcription Services

Hiring a human transcriptionist is expensive, with the best charging up to $100 an hour for their services. While human-powered transcription utilizes cognition to achieve a higher accuracy rate, getting these results can take up to a whole day.

Sick of struggling with long editing sessions and unrealistic timeline expectations? Sonix is the answer to your worries — a streamlined AI-powered transcription service for as little as $5 per hour that you can trust to deliver fast, quality results.

Check out the chart below for a comparison of human vs. AI-powered transcription.

  • 1 hour

    1 hour

  • 12 hours

    12 hours

  • 24 hours

    24 hours

  • 48 hours

    48 hours

Human transcription

Humans transcribe your audio from scratch resulting in 93-99% accuracy.

  • Regular: $60 — 3-5 business days
  • Priority: $90 — 48-hours
  • Expedited: $120 — 24-hours

Automated transcription + User clean-up/editing

Up to 95-97% accuracy depending on audio quality; may need some light editing.

  • Sonix: $5 — Less than an hour

Transcription Speed: Methodology

We compared Sonix to 5 different manual transcription services and took the average price and times from their listed prices and their results.

For transcribing audio: We sent the same hour-long, average-quality audio file to each service and compared their results against the transcript generated by Sonix.

For transcribing video: We sent the same hour-long, high-quality video file to each service and compared their results to the corresponding transcript generated by Sonix.

Transcription Accuracy: Results

With the average-quality audio, manual services returned results that ranged between 93%-99% accurate. This range depended on which country the human transcriber was located in and how well they were able to spell English proper nouns. Sonix transcripts were at 95% and also had issues spelling English proper nouns.

With the high-quality audio, manual services still returned results that ranged between 95-99% accuracy. However, Sonix transcripts improved to 97% accuracy.

Getting to 100% accuracy will always require human intervention. Especially if your audio or video file contains industry-specific jargon, specific proper nouns, or familiarity with the speaking style of the speakers. Using the powerful Sonix editor, you can quickly make these edits without navigating through a wall of text that was emailed to you from a human transcriptionist.

Transcription Prices

When planning to repurpose existing content or get transcriptions ready for translation, it's important to keep pricing in mind. The costs associated with transcription services can vary wildly from blogs and audio recordings. Our customers can be sure that your investment yields a worthwhile return with Sonix.

Access to professional transcribers will cost anywhere from $20 to $100 per hour, depending on the transcriber’s expertise and experience. If you opt for a low-end transcriber, expect to spend more time editing the finished transcription.

Need quick and accurate transcriptions? Look no further than Sonix's premium package. Our new model offers transcription rates of up to 97% with an unbeatable price point: just $5 per hour. That means you can convert a 60-minute audio or video file for less money than it takes to buy a box of chocolates. Talk about sweet savings!

No other audio transcription solution offers this level of value for this unbeatable price.

Learn more about how Sonix works

Sonix's Fast Transcription Service🏅

Sonix revolutionizes how you work - think of repurposing content, meeting deadlines effortlessly, and engaging audiences like never before. Our audio transcription service is an accessible tool to get your projects done smarter and faster than ever!

Our team takes great pride in keeping Sonix on the cutting edge of transcription. By continuously striving to improve, we maintain our status as the highest-rated product available today, keeping you ahead.

Whether you’re seeking our services as a customer or a company, here’s why millions worldwide have chosen Sonix as their accurate transcription software of choice.


Manually transcribing audio or video requires a great deal of time and work, requiring hundreds of human hours throughout the year.

By choosing Sonix, you can take advantage of an average transcription speed of one minute of transcription for one minute of content, freeing up your resources for use elsewhere.

Accurate AI Technology

Sonix combines the power of AI and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to create highly complex algorithms that make our fast and accurate transcriptions possible.

AI technology is evolving rapidly, and we strive to keep our solutions at the forefront of this exciting change. With years of experience in incorporating advanced AI into our products, we leave no stone unturned when it comes to leading the charge on emerging innovation.

Over 38 Languages Available

Make your content even more accessible by converting articles, blogs, webinars, YouTube videos, podcasts, and more into 38 major languages from across the globe.

Sonix’s translation services can take any transcription and translate it with the proficiency of a native speaker.

Some of the languages we cover include English, Arabic, Japanese, Spanish, French, Italian, German, and Mandarin. And we’re constantly adding new languages to our suite to continue expanding our reach.

Transcription for Less

Did you know that transcribing an audio file can be a real wallet-buster? Typical transcription services charge upwards of $50 an hour. That means turning your webinar into text may cost hundreds or even thousands!

Fortunately, Sonix’s premium audio transcription service gives you access to unbeatable prices - less than 1/10 the cost at only $5 per hour!

Plug-and-Play AI Transcription Software

Unlock the potential of AI with Sonix. Our speech-to-text algorithms, backed by cutting-edge technology, provide a seamless transcription service for your media files.

After you upload your file and set parameters, you can use this powerful solution with just a few simple steps.

You can create your first project within one hour of confirming your subscription.

In-Browser Editor

Bring your transcription accuracy up to 100% with the in-browser editor. The Sonix editor lets you format, edit, and add comments to the finished transcription without downloading any new software or apps.

You can boost your average transcription speed by reducing the editing workflow with innovative features like automated speaker labeling and timestamping.

Multitrack Audio Transcription

Sonix can also make light work of complicated multitrack transcription projects. If you need to transcribe an audio or video with multiple tracks, Sonix will transcribe each track and condense it into a single finished transcription file.

Unlike other transcription brands, Sonix doesn’t lose any of its transcription accuracies when handling multiple tracks simultaneously.

Choose the premium or enterprise subscriptions to access this feature.

Unleash the Power of Sonix for Free

Discover why millions have already chosen Sonix to handle all their transcription needs.

Contact our customer support team or select the package that fits your needs. Discover the Sonix difference.

Sign up now for 30 minutes of free transcription so you can try Sonix without obligation.

How to Use Our Transcription Services🏅

Sonix’s transcription services are designed with efficiency, accuracy, and affordability in mind. We also offer tremendous utility to individual content creators and businesses.

Whether you’re an aspiring YouTuber or a business looking to change how you do things, Sonix is here to help you harness the power of AI transcription.


Spend less time trying to keep up with your interviewee in shorthand or hours turning an audio recording into a written feature later.

With Sonix, you can permanently record your sources and preserve their words forever. Whether you’re looking to publish a full-page interview or source an impactful quote from a leading figure in your industry, a Sonix transcription is the way to do it.

Zoom Meetings

Ensure your colleagues are all on the same page by comparing meeting notes.

Take an audio or video recording of your latest Zoom meeting and run it through Sonix for verbatim transcription. Our automated speaker labeling system can help you identify what was said and who said it.

Your transcription can also serve as a resource for generating follow-up questions and setting the agenda for subsequent team meetings.


Gain more value from your next class and ensure you retain more of the lesson by transcribing your lecture or tutorial.

Sonix can create your study notes while you focus on your teacher, professor, or tutor. This is a great way to bolster your understanding of the subject matter and reinforce what you’ve learned after class.


Spend less time trying to keep up with your interviewee in shorthand or hours turning an audio recording into a written feature later.

With Sonix, you can permanently record your sources and preserve their words forever. Whether you’re looking to publish a full-page interview or source an impactful quote from a leading figure in your industry, a Sonix transcription is the way to do it.

YouTube Videos

Providing accurate subtitles and captions for YouTube videos is required to fulfill legal obligations and expand your reach.

YouTube Studio often struggles to provide accurate captions and subtitles, especially in different languages. By uploading custom subtitles and captions generated by Sonix, your audience can enjoy accurate content with the sound off.

Legal Transcriptions

Depositions and discovery are vital for attorneys building their cases as they fight for justice on behalf of their clients.

Sonix can help you create legal transcriptions by creating written records of every piece of audio or video. Additional timestamping makes it simple for attorneys to reference pertinent points as they make their arguments later.

Quick Transcription Services

Sonix prides itself on offering the fastest audio transcription service in the business.

Join others who have already taken a transcription speed test and discovered that no other product is on our level.

We don’t compromise on accuracy or high-quality features. By embracing the latest technology, Sonix has supported countless creators to transcribe audio and video hassle-free.

Discover the power of AI-powered transcription by claiming your free 30 minutes of transcription time today.

Audio Transcription Services FAQs ⚙

Are you unsure whether audio transcription is right for you? Do you want to learn more about how it can benefit your business or team?

Here are the answers to people's most common questions about audio transcription services.

Is it hard to transcribe audio?

Transcribing audio is a skilled job requiring industry-specific tools. The main problems in transcribing any piece of audio are detecting overlapping words, different volumes, inaudible sections, background noise, and handling different accents.

This is why human transcriptionists can charge such high hourly rates because an amateur cannot transcribe with the appropriate level of accuracy. But even an experienced transcriptionist will spend hours on complicated audio pieces to ensure they haven’t missed anything.

Sonix was developed to overcome these challenges with the power of artificial intelligence. This next-generation technology has allowed it to speed up the process and provide a comparable accuracy rate, turning the industry on its head.

Cut through your manual transcription woes with Sonix! Simply upload a media file and move on to your next work project. Sonix will handle the rest.

What is the best way to transcribe audio?

The best way to transcribe any piece of audio is to use an advanced AI-powered platform to automate the process.

Working out how to speed up transcription with a human will eventually lead to physical barriers, as the brain can only operate at a certain speed.

As AI technology advances, we expect Sonix only to become faster. Our latest model can convert one minute of content in one minute, but we expect this number to increase over time.

The rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has revolutionized the way we transcribe audio into text, and Sonix is at the forefront when it comes to providing these solutions. With breakthroughs in accuracy and performance, companies can trust AI transcription like never before.

How much does it cost to transcribe one hour of audio?

Human transcriptionists will charge based on the time and complexity of the piece to be transcribed. Most transcriptionists will charge from $25 to $100 an hour, but the general rule of thumb is that the audio minute cost is $1.50 to $2.00.

The type of transcription you require will influence how long the job takes. For example, verbatim transcriptions are the most complex and time-consuming because every sound must be recorded.

Note that none of these costs account for the additional expenses of a translator. Sonix includes translation as part of the package, costing only $5 an hour.

How do I transcribe an audio recording to text?

The traditional transcription method involves a human listening to audio and creating a written record of everything they heard. They will repeat this process multiple times and read back the finished result.

On the other hand, Sonix simplifies the process with AI. Simply upload your media file and choose the type of transcription and translation you want. Sonix will do everything else.

The difference is that Sonix can produce a day’s work in minutes, reducing your time and cost investment.

What’s the difference between paid and free transcription tools?

Free transcription tools exist, but you shouldn’t use them if you expect high-grade transcriptions. Here’s why.

First, free alternatives typically offer nothing but the basics. You won’t find the added features that Sonix AI provides, including our translation service.

Another reason free transcription tools come up short is that they rarely offer unlimited transcription services. You may find yourself restricted to a certain number of audio minutes daily.

Additionally, there may be a hard cap on the length of your clip, forcing you to break up your files to get the full transcription.

Finally, there are serious questions about the performance of free transcription tools. They often struggle with regional accents, proper nouns, and basic grammar rules. While the finished product will resemble a transcription, expect to spend hours editing them to perfection.

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Sonix automatically transcribes, translates, and helps you organize your audio and video files in over 40 languages. Fast, accurate, and affordable. Millions of users from all over the world.

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