Dreamsports.tv unites a worldwide audience with multi-language subtitles

Sailing videos are primarily announced in English. With Sonix's platform, Dreamsports.tv distributes videos with fast, accurate subtitles in multiple languages for their audience across 70 countries.

“What do I think about Sonix? Sonix is a global communication game changer

Dreamsports.tv uses Sonix to transcribe, translate, and subtitle their sailing videos

How Dreamsports.tv uses Sonix ⚙

What is Dreamsports.tv?

Dreamsports.tv is a weekly global sporting news show that showcases unique large yacht races and amazing sailing content.

The challenge

With interested viewers all over the world, it is next to impossible to distribute video content in multiple languages to serve everyone’s needs. Finding an easy way to create subtitles across dozens of languages and leverage social media for content distribution, was paramount for Dreamsports.tv.

The solution

Today, Dreamsports.tv uses Sonix to subtitle shows in 24 different languages and post them on their video distribution platform as well as social media. Dreamsports.tv uses Sonix’s all-in-one transcription, translation, and subtitling features to share content to speed up the process and save costs.

“The Sonix platform is fast, easy to use, simple, and the output is accurate.”

The results

Dreamsports.tv claims to have saved dozens of hours per week and thousands of dollars using Sonix. Because of the time and cost savings, Dreamsports.tv was recently able to expand into new markets including France, China, and India.

“As I keep on saying, Sonix is a social media and global communication game changer. Now, no language or market is out of reach for us.”

Transcribe, translate, and subtitle your videos just like Dreamsports.tv 🚀

Automated transcription, translation, and subtitling

Sonix transskriberer automatisk, oversætter og hjælper dig med at organisere dine lyd- og videofiler på over 40 sprog. Hurtig, præcis og overkommelig. Millioner af brugere fra hele verden.

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