Earn up to 33% of revenue

The Sonix Affiliate Program is a referral program in which you introduce new customers to Sonix.

We’ve made our Affliate Program incredibly simple: for every paying customer you bring to Sonix, you can get up to 33% of their first-year subscription revenue.

👏 Limited time offer: New affiliates start in the Gold Affiliate Tier with a 33% payout!

What you get by joining the Sonix Affiliate Program 🍩

Free to join

Signing up takes only a few minutes and is completely free. You do not need to be a Sonix subscriber to start earning money.

Reliable tracking

Our custom tracking is hard coded into our platform. We use highly customized technology to ensure you always get credit for every single referral.

Affiliate tiers

The more customers you find, and the more they spend, the more you earn. Up to 33% of first-year subscription revenue.

Dedicated team

Our affiliate managers are committed to helping you succeed. They're always available with support, insight, and personalized advice.

Unlimited earnings

There's no cap on the amount of commission you can earn. The more people you refer, the more money you make.

Free Business account

We’ll set you up on a Sonix Business Plan with no subscription fee. Note: transcription is extra at $5 per hour.

How the Sonix Affiliate Program works ⚙

Step 1: Sign up

It takes less than 2 minutes to sign up. Fill out the form below and an affiliate manager will reach out in 48 hours.

Step 2: Use custom link

Once you’re an approved Sonix affiliate you’ll have a custom link to share with prospects. All your work will be tracked through this link.

Step 3: Earn money

When someone subscribes to Sonix via your link, we’ll pay you a percentage of their first-year revenue depending on your affiliate tier (see below).

Sonix Affiliate Program Tiers 🏆

Sonix affiliate program: Tier 1 - Bronze Level

Tier 1: Bronze affiliate

Starting Day #1, earn 10% of first-year subscription revenue for every new subscriber you send to Sonix.

Sonix affiliate program: Tier 1 - Bronze Level

Tier 2: Silver affiliate

For affiliates with over 50 new subscribers referred, earn 20% of first-year subscription revenue for every new subscriber thereafter.

Sonix affiliate program: Tier 1 - Bronze Level

Tier 3: Gold affiliate

For affiliates with over 100 new subscribers referred, earn 33% of first-year subscription revenue. for every new subscriber thereafter.

Apply to the Sonix Affiliate Program ✨

Join the Sonix Affiliate Program

Introduce new customers to Sonix. The more that you refer, the more you earn. We look forward to working together!

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We operate fast

Get approved for our affiliate program in record time. Rapidly grow your referrals with our help. Get paid for your referrals quickly.

We value our affiliates

“I love the Sonix affiliate program because I feel that their team is constantly helping me to be successful with my blog. They have really helped me to maximize my commissions with great, timely tips and suggestions. I happily recommend Sonix to my readers because I am also a proud customer and love their transcription quality.”
—Rebecca from Missouri

More details about the Sonix Affiliate Program 📃


Have some more questions? Here are our responses to frequently asked questions by our affiliate community.


For questions about the program, general support, or advice on how to succeed as an affiliate, please email us: [email protected]

Legal requirements

Please comply with our Affiliate Terms of Service and Disclosure Requirements.

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