Affiliate Program FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions. Common questions from other affiliates. Here to help you earn more.

Got any questions?

For questions about the program, general support, or advice on how to succeed as an affiliate, please email us: [email protected]

General questions 🍩

How does the Sonix Affiliate Program work?

The Sonix Affiliate Program is a good fit for anybody who is interested in referring to Sonix. As an Affiliate, you will earn 33% in revenue share on subscription revenue within the 1st year of the customer contract. If you become an affiliate you will get access to our Affiliate Portal to which helps you track all your leads as well as our Resource Center where our logos, badges, design guidelines and marketing materials are located.

How do I become a Sonix Affiliate?

You will need to fill out a short application form to become a Sonix affiliate. Once you are approved, Sonix will grant you access to the Sonix Affiliate Program and you can start earning revenue.

Where do I log in to my Affiliate account?

If you were approved as an affiliate, you can see your affiliate dashboard by opening your account menu and selecting "Affiliate program."

If you do not remember your password, please click on this link to set up a new one:

Affiliate Payouts 🏃

When will I get paid?

We track your referral revenue on a daily basis and calculate it based on the number of days during which your referral`s subscription has been in paying status within the tracking period (month).

This method also allows us to take into account any changes in the plans (Standard, Premium, Enterprise) or seat count in the customer subscription. If the person you referred signed up for an annual subscription with Sonix, your revenue share will still be paid out to you on a quarterly basis following the same logic as mentioned above.

How will I get paid?

Payments will be delivered to you via PayPal in USD (for this reason please make sure you provided your Paypal ID in email format in your affiliate account in `Settings`). There are no exceptions to this.

Any money owed to you will be paid out every quarter (every three months) as your balance is at least $200. If your balance is below $200, it will be held until the next quarter when your balance is greater than $100. Note that revenue share amounts are updated in your affiliate account every 24 hrs.

If a customer sets up a paid subscription with Sonix and upgrades/adds more seats later on, will I be paid for the upgraded plan/seat increase?

Yes, we will adjust your revenue share amount taking into account the changes that happened in the customer's billing during the course of the month.

Do I get revenue share on subscription revenue and transcription revenue?

You will get revenue share based on your affiliate tier of the first-year subscription revenue. Transcription revenue is not part of the revenue share.

Why didn't I receive a revenue share transfer to my Paypal account this month?

If you already have paying customers that are reflected in the dashboard in your affiliate dashboard, please check the accumulated amount of your revenue share for the past month. To do this, please do the following:

  • Go to Revenue share earned in current period
  • Click “View Details”
  • Click “Amount Due”

If I referred customers to Sonix before I signed up as an affiliate, can I still add them to my referrals?

Yes, we are glad to include past referrals as a small gesture in the light of commencing a new partnership with us, however, four conditions should be met:

  1. You signed up as a affiliate in the current month;
  2. You explicitly referred Sonix to these companies/individuals and the latter can confirm that
  3. The person you referred subscribed to Sonix in the past 3 months
  4. The customer did not use any other promo code

If that is the case, please send our affiliate team the email address of any user listed in the account in question.

What happens if I want to dispute the revenue share I’ve been paid?

If you feel that there are discrepancies in the revenue share calculation, please email us.

However, we also strongly recommend reading the answers above regarding “How will I get paid?” and “When will I get paid” about how we calculate your revenue share.

Promoting Sonix ⚡

How can I promote Sonix?

You can promote Sonix through your referral link locaed on your affiliate dashboard. Your referral link is supercharged with cookies.

Cookie-based tracking allows us to trace referrals back to you via a unique link that a potential customer has to initially click on to visit our website. The advantage of this method is that after initially clicking on your referral URL your customer has the chance to surf around before signing up. And when they later do sign up, their referral will still be associated with you.

As an affiliate, can I get a free account to better promote Sonix?

Yes. If you are approved as an affiliate, you will get a free Business Plan. This way you can showcase how Sonix works to potential customers. The subscription fee will be waived, but you will still have to put down a credit card for transcription fees that your account may accrue.

Note that if we find you are using the Business Plan for your own uses and your affiliate account has zero activity for 60 days, we will require you to pay for your Business Plan account if you still want to use it.

What are the terms of service?

You can read more about the terms and conditions of being a Sonix Affiliate here.

Do I have to disclose that I am promoting you?

Yes. Please refer to our Disclosure Requirements.

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