How to add automatic subtitles to your videos

Yes! It is now possible to generate automated subtitles and captions for your videos! Whether you are creating subtitles or closed captions for films, television, company needs, or even a video for personal use, you’ll likely want to generate subtitles along with it. Until now, it’s been a laborious and time consuming process to create subtitles. The good news is that there is automated transcription software like Sonix that makes this whole process faster and easier.

Why are subtitles and captions so important?

There are several reasons why subtitles are important. 

Reason #1: Makes videos more accessible to those with hearing impairments

There are many individuals worldwide that have disabilities and are hard of hearing. Accessibility for the estimated 466 million people with disabling hearing loss. Making your videos accessible to them not only expands your market, it is simply the right thing to do.

Reason #2: Helps non-native English speakers

Those that don’t have English as a first language may have difficulty consuming your content. Adding subtitles to your videos makes it much easier for them to enjoy.

Reason #3: More and more people are watching video without sound

There is a large and growing number of people that simply don’t listen to the audio when they are watching videos. For example, it is estimated that a whopping 85% of Facebook users watch video without sound. 

Reason #4: Maximize video views

Making your video more accessible and frankly, more useful will most certainly gain you more viewers. Who doesn’t want more viewers?

3 easy steps on how to add automated subtitles to your video

STEP 1: Upload video

Upload your video to Sonix. If you don’t have a Sonix account you can create a free trial here:

STEP 2: Polish your transcript

You’ll receive a transcript in less than 5 minutes and because it’s online, you’ll be able to edit and polish the transcript while watching the video.

STEP 3: Export transcript as SRT or VTT

You can export both SRT and VTT files from Sonix. SRT files tend to be the most common file format for subtitles (eg. online video players like Facebook, YouTube, and Vimeo). VTT files have more functionality as they store metadata like text formatting font and color. 

If you are working with Adobe Premiere, AVID, or Final Cut Pro Sonix makes it even easier and provides non-destructive, compatible exports to each of these software solutions.

That’s it. It’s fast and easy to add automated subtitles to your videos.

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