How to add captions & subtitles to your Facebook videos

More and more people are watching videos without sound. Having the subtitles that play along with the video keeps people that don’t have the volume turned up more engaged. Subtitles and captions also makes them more accessible for those that are hearing-impaired. It’s really easy to add captions and subtitles to your Facebook videos once you have the automated transcript from Sonix.

Step-by-step guide on how to add subtitles to your Facebook videos:

In Sonix follow these steps:

1. Upload a file (if you aren’t already subscribed, click here to try Sonix for free with 30 free transcription minutes)
2. Upload the video you are going to post to Facebook.
3. You’ll get an email when the video is transcribed.
4. Click EXPORT and select SubRip subtitle file (*.srt)

In Facebook follow these steps:

1. Click Photo/Video in your timeline or News Feed.
2. Click Upload Photos/Video and choose a video from your computer, then click Post.
3. Facebook will notify you when your video is ready to view. Click the notification or the gray date and time at the top of the post on your News Feed or timeline.
4. Hover over the video, click Options at the bottom and select Edit this video.
5. Click Choose File below Upload SRT files and select the .srt file you exported from Sonix (Note: you need to rename the file to
6. Click Save.

That’s it!

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