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Sonix 是一项在线转录服务。今天准确地将 Portuguese 音频转换为文本。它很容易,价格实惠,美观,只需几分钟。

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受全球超过 10 万名专业人士信赖的转录 📈

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  • Uber 使用 Sonix(最好的在线自动化转录服务)将其 Portuguese 音频转录为文本
  • The Wall Street Journal 使用 Sonix(最好的在线自动化转录服务)将其 Portuguese 音频转录为文本
  • Stanford University 使用 Sonix(最好的在线自动化转录服务)将其 Portuguese 音频转录为文本
  • Yale University 使用 Sonix(最好的在线自动化转录服务)将其 Portuguese 音频转录为文本
  • University of California in Los Angeles (UCLA) 使用 Sonix(最好的在线自动化转录服务)将其 Portuguese 音频转录为文本
  • Le Monde 使用 Sonix(最好的在线自动化转录服务)将其 Portuguese 音频转录为文本
  • New York Public Radio 使用 Sonix(最好的在线自动化转录服务)将其 Portuguese 音频转录为文本
  • The Times 使用 Sonix(最好的在线自动化转录服务)将其 Portuguese 音频转录为文本
  • Wired 使用 Sonix(最好的在线自动化转录服务)将其 Portuguese 音频转录为文本
  • CNBC 使用 Sonix(最好的在线自动化转录服务)将其 Portuguese 音频转录为文本
  • Frankfurter Allgemeine 使用 Sonix(最好的在线自动化转录服务)将其 Portuguese 音频转录为文本
  • University of Southern California (USC) 使用 Sonix(最好的在线自动化转录服务)将其 Portuguese 音频转录为文本

Sonix 如何将 Portuguese 音频转换为文本 ⚙

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Envie seu áudio

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人工智能通过 Sonix

Inteligência artificial

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Portuguese 音频和视频文件的自动转录服务 📂

Transcribe Portuguese audio

Writing blog posts is the task of every content marketer. But it’s also the task that most of us have to do. But writing is hard. Talking about your ideas is a lot more natural. Most novelists don’t sit at a desk and start writing, instead they speak into a recorder (or their cell phones) while driving. It’s a simple way to at least start the process of writing. But now, you run into a different problem: multiple Portuguese audio files with no clear way to see what ideas are in each.

What if you could make a computer index these Portuguese audio or video files? That’s what we’ve built with Sonix. We’ve developed industry-leading audio transcription algorithms to convert those audio files into accurate, interactive transcripts. You can now see the words that were being said in your web browser. By clicking on a word, you can skip ahead to that section of the audio or video file and hear what was being said. We also have a variety of export formats so you can just copy and paste your thoughts into that empty text editor and start writing. It’s a much better way to start.

Transcreva áudio em português

Escrever posts é a tarefa de todo profissional de marketing de conteúdo. Mas também é a tarefa que a maioria de nós tem que fazer. Mas escrever é difícil. Falar sobre suas idéias é muito mais natural. A maioria dos romancistas não se senta em uma mesa e começa a escrever, em vez disso, eles falam em um gravador (ou em seus celulares) enquanto dirigem. É uma maneira simples de, pelo menos, começar o processo de escrita. Mas agora, você se depara com um problema diferente: vários arquivos de áudio portugueses sem uma maneira clara de ver quais ideias estão em cada um deles.

E se você pudesse fazer um computador indexar esses arquivos de áudio ou vídeo em português? Isso é o que nós construímos com a Sonix. Desenvolvemos algoritmos de transcrição de áudio líderes do setor para converter esses arquivos de áudio em transcrições precisas e interativas. Agora você pode ver as palavras que foram ditas no seu navegador. Ao clicar em uma palavra, você pode pular para aquela seção do arquivo de áudio ou vídeo e ouvir o que foi dito. Também temos vários formatos de exportação para que você possa copiar e colar seus pensamentos nesse editor de texto vazio e começar a escrever. É uma maneira muito melhor de começar.

Portuguese is spoken in Portugal, Angola, Cape Verde, Guinea-Bissau, Mozambique, Sao Tome and Principe, Brazil, and parts of Namibia, Germany, France, Luxembourg, and Spain.

客户对 Sonix 自动转录的评价 💘

4.98 评级来自 203 评价
The entire process is extremely straightforward and what I liked most was the accuracy of the transcriptions and translations. I must say, I had some doubts as to what the quality would be like since it was in French, but I was not disappointed in the least.
So fast, so easy. This has saved me hours for every 20 minutes of recording.
I tried several programs and Sonix was by far the best one.It gave me very accurate scripts
Your service is very impressive and I love the UI. And that's an AI expert speaking ;-)
I have tested your product among others, and I have to say, Sonix provides the best results, a really great product!!!
You guys saved me hours of work, reduced my stress level the moment I started and saw the first result coming in.


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Sonix 自动以超过 37 种语言转录和翻译音频和视频文件。轻松搜索、编辑和共享媒体文件。 Sonix 是一款在线自动转录软件,可快速将 Portuguese 音频和视频文件转换为文本。 快速、准确、经济实惠。来自世界各地的数百万用户。


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