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Sonix 是一项在线转录服务。今天准确地将 Norwegian 音频转换为文本。它很容易,价格实惠,美观,只需几分钟。

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受全球超过 10 万名专业人士信赖的转录 📈

  • Google 使用 Sonix(最好的在线自动化转录服务)将其 Norwegian 音频转录为文本
  • Microsoft 使用 Sonix(最好的在线自动化转录服务)将其 Norwegian 音频转录为文本
  • Uber 使用 Sonix(最好的在线自动化转录服务)将其 Norwegian 音频转录为文本
  • The Wall Street Journal 使用 Sonix(最好的在线自动化转录服务)将其 Norwegian 音频转录为文本
  • Stanford University 使用 Sonix(最好的在线自动化转录服务)将其 Norwegian 音频转录为文本
  • Yale University 使用 Sonix(最好的在线自动化转录服务)将其 Norwegian 音频转录为文本
  • University of California in Los Angeles (UCLA) 使用 Sonix(最好的在线自动化转录服务)将其 Norwegian 音频转录为文本
  • Le Monde 使用 Sonix(最好的在线自动化转录服务)将其 Norwegian 音频转录为文本
  • New York Public Radio 使用 Sonix(最好的在线自动化转录服务)将其 Norwegian 音频转录为文本
  • The Times 使用 Sonix(最好的在线自动化转录服务)将其 Norwegian 音频转录为文本
  • Wired 使用 Sonix(最好的在线自动化转录服务)将其 Norwegian 音频转录为文本
  • CNBC 使用 Sonix(最好的在线自动化转录服务)将其 Norwegian 音频转录为文本
  • Frankfurter Allgemeine 使用 Sonix(最好的在线自动化转录服务)将其 Norwegian 音频转录为文本
  • University of Southern California (USC) 使用 Sonix(最好的在线自动化转录服务)将其 Norwegian 音频转录为文本

Sonix 如何将 Norwegian 音频转换为文本 ⚙

步骤 1

Last opp lyden din

步骤 2
人工智能通过 Sonix

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Norwegian 音频和视频文件的自动转录服务 📂

Transcribe Norwegian audio

Businesses, students, education and research centers, and medical professionals all use transcription services such as Sonix to better see their Norwegian audio content as text. Presentations, podcasts, interviews, radio shows, movies, and videos all can benefit from being transcribed. Most popular search engines such as Google and bing are unable to properly index media files (audio and video files). Thus, they usually rely on the surrounding text on a webpage and assume that the content in these media files are somewhat related.

If you spend a bit more time and money to get a fast, accurate transcript with Sonix and post the resulting transcript on the webpage, it will help search engines better find and identify your content. Start transcribing your Norwegian audio and video files and posting the resulting interactive transcript in the Sonix SEO-friendly media player on your website. This will make it more searchable and rank higher online. As an example, Youtube videos with captions had about 15% more views than those without subtitles. With better rankings, more visitors are likely to visit and consume your content. Try transcribing your audio and video files today and get more traffic.

Overskrive norsk lyd

Bedrifter, studenter, utdannings- og forskningssentre, og medisinske fagfolk bruker alle transkripsjonstjenester som Sonix, for bedre å se sitt norske lydinnhold som tekst. Presentasjoner, podcaster, intervjuer, radioprogrammer, filmer og videoer kan alle ha nytte av å bli transkribert. Mest populære søkemotorer som Google og bing kan ikke indeksere mediefiler på riktig måte (lyd- og videofiler). Dermed stole de vanligvis på den omgivende teksten på en nettside og antar at innholdet i disse mediefilene er noe relatert.

Hvis du bruker litt mer tid og penger til å få et raskt, nøyaktig transkripsjon med Sonix og legge ut det resulterende transkripsjon på nettsiden, vil det hjelpe søkemotorene til å finne og identifisere innholdet ditt bedre. Begynn å transkribere dine norske lyd- og videofiler og legge inn det resulterende interaktive transkripsjonen i Sonix SEO-vennlig mediespiller på nettstedet ditt. Dette vil gjøre det mer søkbart og rangere høyere online. Som et eksempel hadde Youtube videoer med bildetekster ca 15% flere visninger enn de uten teksting. Med bedre rangeringer vil flere besøkende sannsynligvis besøke og konsumere innholdet ditt. Prøv å transkribere lyd- og videofiler i dag og få mer trafikk.

Norwegian is spoken in Norway and other parts of the world.

客户对 Sonix 自动转录的评价 💘

4.98 评级来自 203 评价
Sonix is easy to use. Ridiculously easy. And even though the accuracy wasn't perfect it saved several days in a typical transcription cycle and the hourly cost we usually pay.
I'd give Sonix a 10 mainly due to the accuracy.
Sonix saves me 60% of the time editing. No more manual trascription nightmare with writing down timecodes, and sending emails. I think you are changing the game here! Bravo :)
The experience is fantastic, the system is easy to use, and transcription quality in different languages is unbeatable. Sonix is the best system I've tried so far...and I know one thing or two about languages/translation and voice recognition.
Thank you for all of your help with my dissertation!!! Ya'll rock!!
Impressed at how seamless Sonix makes editing transcripts. This is so much easier and more enjoyable than manually writing an entire transcript myself.


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Sonix 自动以超过 37 种语言转录和翻译音频和视频文件。轻松搜索、编辑和共享媒体文件。 Sonix 是一款在线自动转录软件,可快速将 Norwegian 音频和视频文件转换为文本。 快速、准确、经济实惠。来自世界各地的数百万用户。


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