Sonix makes transcription fast, accurate, and affordable.
We transcribe recorded stories for storytellers. podcasts for podcasters. interviews for journalists. lectures for students. films for documentary filmmakers. customer interviews for user researchers.

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Sonix is by far the best transcription tool I have ever used.
I was amazed that Sonix picked up words that I couldn't even understand.
I tried Sonix, and it’s amazing! Seriously, I think that you will revolutionize journalism.
I've tried several different digital software packages and nothing has even approached giving me a usable transcription. The results from Sonix are the best I've seen. And fast. I'd given up on having my recordings automatically transcribed. No more.
I love, love, love this service! Sonix is amazing! I plan to use the transcripts I've gotten so far to update the content of my podcast so that it will aid in SEO on my website. Very, very useful!
Sonix can quickly generate a transcript and it has cut my workload by half.
Content is still king. Google can’t crawl audio from webinars and videos. Getting that content transcribed with Sonix is an absolute must if you want to drive more leads to your web site.
I had been using Dragon voice recognition software, but Sonix eliminates that step all together. I absolutely love Sonix.
I found the software to be really fun to use. Sonix makes the painful editing part of transcription enjoyable.
Great product. Been waiting for this.
I'm a journalist and I'm finding that Sonix is a very valuable tool.
Way better than other transcription services I've tried. It will save me a lot of time. I'd recommend it to everyone I know.
The transcription was pretty darn good!
Your UI and UX was one of the best I've seen. And I've seen a lot of them. Clean, simple, and pretty easy to edit.
I'm very impressed about the accuracy. The transcript needs a little editing, but just minor correction. I think the interface is straightforward and user-friendly. I also like the audio-transcript matching playback functionality. I've been very deterred to use recording during my interviews because it takes a tremendous amount of time to transcribe.
I was amazed at how accurate Sonix is.
It’s super easy to use and I was so impressed how fast the transcription came back. I love that you can listen to the recording while following along with the transcripts. I also like you can download the transcripts.
I have a 30-40 minute commute to work and like to dictate memos and other brief documents along the way–but I haven't had an easy way to get them transcribed...until now. Thanks Sonix!
Sonix is easy to use. Ridiculously easy. And even though the accuracy wasn't perfect it saved several days in a typical transcription cycle and the hourly cost we usually pay.
The interface and editor experience were great. I also like the way you handle speaker identification and naming. Pretty slick. Nice timestamp frequency / formatting too.
I love how easy and intuitive it is to use Sonix! I can now put my energy and focus on actual content, instead of going through the tedious and time consuming process of transcribing audio.
I cannot believe how easy, quick, and accurate this is.
Very cool and fascinating too. Ahh the power of algorithms. I can tell you that I love the overall UI experience because it's pretty, dumbed down, and very easy for me to use. I've done a lot of radio and this service would be invaluable for that kind of work.
Wow very cool. Sonix is so awesome. There will be huge demand for this. The editor will be really good for team sharing. Such a great platform.
Wow. SPEED. Nice format, easy to read, liked the time stamps and speaker notification. Not a lot of formatting I had to strip before using. Simple.
The process was super easy. I liked that you can upload video file without stripping away the audio first to do it, this of course saves production time. Great job overall for sure!!!
I loovvvve that the audio is transcribed so quickly.
The highest accuracy I have ever achieved through similar services.
Terrifyingly accurate.
I loved my experience cause Sonix has a really good tutorial and it got the words from the audio pretty well. It really did it what I needed really fast, even if it was the first time using it.
I have been a dialogue system researcher for half a decade now. I had build my own app for doing the transcriptions. Sonix was clearly better than what I had. I made the switch!
Sooooooooooo easy to use and accurate.
I really enjoyed how quickly and accurate the transcription system was. Will definitely use again in the future. I have recommended you to a friend.
Really fast to transcribe our audio files with high accuracy, we just had to correct some small words. I like the layout of the website, how pleasing to the eye and easy it is to edit your files, nothing was complicated and I wasn't ever 'stuck' on something and didn't know where to click etc, it was my first time ever using something like this and it was a breeze!
I was cleaning up the transcription of the recording of my Brazilian client. Sonix did a surprisingly good job. Sonix's accuracy in transcription is great.
Fast, easy transcription. Also the ability to edit in the software with the recording before exporting is a great feature. I have already recommended you to a friend.
I tried 3 other tools online and I can say that sonix blows them out of the water. I was very impressed with the ease of use, the % of words correctly translated and how simple it was to make edits to the translation.
Found you through Google. Super easy to use. Transcribed 98% correctly even though it was not a great audio file.
I found out out you guys because I had to do some transcribing for me yearbook class and my friend recommended you guys. It was a very easy process and it took hours off the time I had to actually had to transcribe it. The timing made it very easy to go back in the recording, this is the best feature in Sonix.
I heard about you from my friend. I found my transcription to be almost exactly what is in the audio file. Love it...continue what you are doing. Sonix is excellent. I appreciate that.
I was especially impressed with the quality when it comes to other accents as most other companies can only give a good machine transcript if it is a US accent. Sonix is amazing and I have nothing but good things to say. Thank you for providing this service!
It was excellent and almost entirely spot on with transcription.
Holy Cow. It works. This just saved me freaking DAYS of my life. I am totally getting a Sonix tattoo now!
Researched and did trials of at least 12 other services. Chose Sonix because of accuracy and simplicity.
I'd give Sonix a 10 mainly due to the accuracy.
The accuracy of the AI voice recognition is amazing! Sonix is by far the most accurate of the 5 or 6 services that I tested.
I’m convinced that Sonix at the moment is the best transcription service existing anywhere in the world.
This software is still the best one out there for the German language.
Your product is amazing, I love so many features including the video capture on the side, ability to change the transcript as you go, highlighting, downloading audio files... SEARCHING TRANSCRIPTS
Sonix has revolutionized my life! I’m so thankful for the service you provide. It’s been amazing.
I'm very happy with the experience. The Spanish translations are superb. I'm in awe!
You saved me! I got everything done in three days and I was sure it will take me a month.
The level of accuracy and your UI is quite amazing. It allowed me to try the product without having to learn anything new, I was so happy about it I sent the results to a couple of friends because I knew at the moment that this could change the way I work.
Your app is amazing. Seriously, I'm blown away by the technology. The speed, accuracy, and the fact that you can play the audio and that it highlights the transcript in sync.
The UI is da bomb with so many great features including the one where I can highlight a passage and download as a clip. So very useful! It’s editing and transcription combined!!
I was truly amazed by the quality of the transcript I received from you.
I really like it. Easy to use, very accurate, and easy to correct when it is not. A truly super program, and I would recommend it to anyone.
Very high accuracy transcription with noisy tapes / accents. The ability to edit as you listen is incredible. I haven't been impressed with code to this extent since the release of google maps.
I’m really dazzled by your system. I have never seen something so accurate. You push the level higher than Otter and available for French language!
I LOVE Sonix. It's saving my life. I'm working on a project with almost NO budget, interviewing a bunch of people and the Sonix transcriptions are accurate, and are so easy and intuitive to correct.
Sonix is light years ahead of all the other solutions I researched and tried!
I have to say the Arabic transcription was pretty awesome.
Fantastic product and service. Fast, great quality transcript, great online editing facility. Whole experience was easy and problem free.
Awesome and I was really shocked when I saw how carefully my mp3 file was transcribed!!
Sonix has made my life so much easier. It's a complete tool for me to transcript all of our podcasts and I love it.
I am impressed by the almost perfect accuracy of the conversion and the speed by which the transcription was completed. Your web display is also impressive with clear and easy-to-use links.
I am thrilled with the level of accuracy and the easy if which I am able to listen to and adjust the transcript. It’s very user friendly.
Sonix saves me 60% of the time editing. No more manual trascription nightmare with writing down timecodes, and sending emails. I think you are changing the game here! Bravo :)
Sonix is so easy to use, and the quality is impressive in almost all languages we have tested so far. Punctuation is especially amazing compared to other platforms, even the tech giants (Google, Microsoft…).
Your software is absolutely mind blowing. It is worth every penny!
I need to produce very accurate transcripts and the initial transcripts Sonix produces are much better than competitors (I've used many others).
So fast, so easy. This has saved me hours for every 20 minutes of recording.
I love your product. I saw the results, and was hooked. Your website is brilliant. SO very easy to navigate and utilize. Your product is game-changing for my business.
The fact that your service can export text as subtitles and can match the subtitles to the paragraphs in the transcript is just great! Also, the text editor is just awesome. The fact it bonds text and timing in the video so I can check and compare what was pronounced and what was recognized is truly fantastic.
I wouldn't have been able to pass my course without this technology. I was able to get two A's thanks to this program!
I absolutely love what you guys have done with this. Sonix is literally a magical product that has helped me so much already and I will be using this for a long time coming.
I am LOVING Sonix! The price, accuracy, create your own library, check marks when something is completed. I am so glad I found the service.
One of the best sites/services on the Internet I've ever tried.
I love how quick, affordable and accurate it is, but what I like MOST is that the words are highlighted as the recording speaks them!
Sonix is faster and better than YouTube at making captions for my videos!
I love how accurate the software is! The way you can play audio as you go through the text or click on any part of the text to hear the audio is amazing.
The accuracy, that's what I like the most.
I'm fully going to recommend Sonix to everyone! Most people are going to be blown away!
Unbelievable! Wow, it's amazing. Really amazing. I didn't believe it so I wanna test something and I got actually result I wanted. Amazing!
What I was able to do with Sonix was amazing. Transcribed and translated in minutes on remote Guatemalan WiFi!
What I loved about the transcription is that it is fast and it's also highly accurate.
After trying a few other trial software, Sonix was by far the best and most correct.
I was surprised in the accuracy from the audio to script. Out of 3 transcripts, only one had to be adjusted. Perfect!!
I love the efficiency, accuracy, and simplicity of going through the transcript to edit and then save it into word. Seamless.
Easy to use and surprisingly accurate.
The transcription was fast and accurate.
I tried several programs and Sonix was by far the best one.It gave me very accurate scripts
The recording I transcribed was poor quality at best, so I was pleasantly surprised by how accurately Sonix captured the text. And your editor is absolutely brilliant!
My transcript work flow is so fast now. It takes me half the time it used to. So glad i found you :)
Sonix is the best transcription program I have worked with.
Your transcription tool is amazing. It's easy to use and gave me a great result.
I've tried your service, and I love it.
You guys are the best...hands down!
This is the best software I've used for transcription. Really happy about that!
I am very happy to have found a transcription service that provides such a high percentage of perfect content.
I’ve been using your transcription software for about a year now. I just wanted to let you guys know that I think it is incredible. I have tried many alternatives, and none of them have been able to match the accuracy of Sonix!
The transcript came through almost word perfect from a video file. Your system is absolute MAGIC!
The speech to text was fast and very accurate.
The best service available for my language (Czech) - thank you very much for saving me a LOT of work!
Easy to use and it saved me SO much time transcribing.
I thought it was absolutely amazing, flawless.
Amazed by the software even in quite mixed audio!
I tried Sonix for the first time and I was astonished by the incredibile conversion accuracy.
It's simply an amazing resource for anyone working with the spoken or written word.
I have absolute admiration for the impressive transcription done to 3 short YouTube videos. It is truly amazing how accurately it recorded the correct words and so well paragraphed as well.
The accuracy of the initial transcription was better than any I've used to date, and making adjustments was very simple.
Thank you for this amazing application and program which really saved my life.
No joke, this is the best service out there for qualitative research that involves a lot of audio primary data, and I’ve tried a lot of alternatives.
Was using another software before, but their prices went up. Your prices are better and the transcription seems more accurate. I also like that you automatically take out all of the filler words - um, you know, etc.
It is so easy to use, very intuitive. Everything 'works'. It is so simple and hassle-free.
My first trial was a video interview with a woman with an Eastern European accent, and I thought there was no way your system would render a good transcription—but it was amazingly accurate!
I tried 4 other services, and Sonix is the easiest to use, most accurate, and more reasonably priced for the quality.
I love it! It basically nailed every word.
This is the greatest transcription service I've ever seen. I am so pleased with the results and I am recommending your services 100 out of 10.
Very impressed of your product. The general concept is ingenious for the task to be accomplished and the implementation is impressive. Your product gives great satisfaction.
Gobsmackingly amazing! As a software developer of 40 years I know quality when I see it. An amazing product and a pretty damn good web-site to back it all up also. Totally staggered at the accuracy, especially when multiple voices contribute to a meeting.
The entire process is extremely straightforward and what I liked most was the accuracy of the transcriptions and translations. I must say, I had some doubts as to what the quality would be like since it was in French, but I was not disappointed in the least.
In one word? FAN-TAS-TIC!! The possibility to split the transcript to subtitles AND split them! THAT IS FANTASTIC!!
Sonix is by far the best transcription tool I have ever used.
I’m stunned how much easier it makes life. I worked on documentary films and it cost us a fortune to have the interviews transcribed. The idea that this exists is mind-boggling to me.
The experience is fantastic, the system is easy to use, and transcription quality in different languages is unbeatable. Sonix is the best system I've tried so far...and I know one thing or two about languages/translation and voice recognition.
Of all the programs that do this, I found you the best!
Your service is very impressive and I love the UI. And that's an AI expert speaking ;-)
AMAZING!! Seamless. Quick. Very accurate. Easy to use. Time stitching. The ease of assigning speakers to paragraphs and making new paragraphs are all amazing!
The best thing ever, nothing more to say.
The UI experience is fantastic! It's quick and easy to understand. Plus it's web based so I can switch between my desktop and laptop easily.
It was so easy and convenient to use. The transcripts require minimal editing and the delivery time is fantastic!
I am a video editor and I found you by trying a few services with free trials. Sonix was far, far superior as well as an easy process to trial enroll.
Faster than my captioning department and so easy to create subtitles!
You guys were SO easy to use. Competitors made my life so complicated but you guys were a breeze to work with!
Super easy interface, easy to upload and great results.
Sonix is a godsend service boosting my productivity and alleviating a major source of stress in my life.
I LOVE Sonix.
Very high quality transcription - very accurate - only took a quick scan/sweep to manually correct/clean up the text.
I would absolutely, 100%, recommend you to a friend. I think you have an incredible program.
I love the platform and its been a transcription godsend.
Incredibly fast return! Amazingly accurate transcription and exceptionally affordable!
Great website. Love the drag & drop option. Very accurate too!
I ran through your software and it is fantastic! For what we need it's a game-changer.
Sonix is AWESOME and extremely accurate. This software has it all. I wish that all of the software that I use on a daily basis had the complete and thoughtfully created functionality of Sonix!
Sonix is amazing. It’s like adding the most brilliant brain to my staff.
I tried a few transcription services and I found yours to be clearly superior. The results were more complete and accurate.
I am very happy with the quality of the transcriptions! Having tried numerous other services, none can compare based on the quality for the value.
I love how easy it is – it saves me so much time transcribing – I can just pull out the main points of interest from the transcription.
I love the software and it makes my life so much cannot believe!
I was amazed by your accuracy. What I used were not very good recordings. One with an American accent, another one Australian and many background noises. The transcript exceeded my expectations.
The accuracy for the translation was the best from all the other sites and apps I tried.
It is so user friendly! Even for someone like me who is not technologically inclined. And, bonus! It has literally saved me HOURS of time trying to transcribe lengthy practice counseling sessions.
Surprisingly accurate transcription across a number of European accents (Yorkshire, Scottish, Oxford, Italian!)
I love Sonix. It's accurate, intuitive, friendly and simple to use for the technically inept like me! I typically use it for English but we used it this time in French and it was great too.
Sonix is the best transcription program I've ever used. It was almost error-free. I wish I could have used it longer!
I used 30 min free demo for my Google Meeting recording. It is fabulous. I am shocked how Sonix managed to be so accurate.
The whole thing is the best I've ever seen! I was amazed at how well this worked at transcribing and translating!
Your product is incredible. I love it!
I loved that Sonix supports so many languages. I've been working on a project that involves speakers of 6 different languages and it allows me to translate everything into English natively, saving me so much time!
It's incredibly fast, and it sets the timing for subtitles perfectly. I dread having to time everything myself, and with Sonix I can do that just by pressing Enter!
It's SO fast! I couldn't believe it. It's saved me hours of time.
I absolutely loved how well the software was able to distinguish between individual speakers. Exceptional product and well-polished.
Sonix transcription service has dramatically reduced the time I need to spend on clients' interviews. Tremendous help!
Having tried numerous transcription services, this was undoubtedly the best. There were features (such as the synching up of the audio to the words for review) that I hadn’t ever hoped to find.
I am completely blown away by this platform. I am already telling everyone about it!
English dictation is very accurate. And the online editor is easy to use. Also it generates SRT files that I can import in my video editors for further processing.
Sonix is simple and very easy to use and the results were very nearly perfect. I would definitely recommended the site to anyone who asks me.
Easy to use and saved me mega amounts of time!
I had tried several other software that worked poorly, and was so impressed how well Sonix worked!
Sonix's transcription and translation features are stunningly accurate, I'm very impressed.
Sonix is quick and easy to use! It's efficient and transcriptions were very close to perfect - only a little editing needed!!
Sonix is easy to use and high accuracy of the transcriptions. Very pleased!
Time is money, and that is exactly what Sonix is saving. Time! So it's worth every penny!!
Your product is amazing and transcribed my files almost all accurately!
Blown away by what it does! Accuracy, ease of use, affordability, simple straightforward interface with well thought out additional tools and functions. Superb!
Amazing for foreign videos that need subtitles. The platform is super easy to use and gave me EXACTLY what I was looking for.
I loved how accurate you are even in Dutch!
I am very impressed with your program. The recording was not crystal clear and yet I received a perfect transcription...Wow! I would recommend this to anyone.
I’ve now used twice, and find the service simple and accurate. It’s exactly what I’ve been looking for to get text from audio and video recordings.
I am VERY happy with the transcription! There were a few glitches, but 98% great.
Sonix is just so smooth and simple. Love it. No bugs, very intuitive. Oh and your software is surprisingly accurate!
You guys saved me hours of work, reduced my stress level the moment I started and saw the first result coming in.
Very accurate transcription, ease of use and customer service. Price was also very reasonable.
After trying a number of MP3 transcribers, I am most impressed with Sonix! It was easy to use and was much more accurate than any of the others that I tried.
I’m blown away by how accurate it was.
Transcription was almost perfect!!
It was super easy, affordable, and accurate!
Impressed at how seamless Sonix makes editing transcripts. This is so much easier and more enjoyable than manually writing an entire transcript myself.
Sonix provided the best transcription of all the platforms I have tested so far.
Fast and easy, and accurate. And searchable.
The transcription service was awesome. I can’t thank Sonix enough.
Sonix is top class. I would highly recommend Sonix. Especially working in a multi-lingual environment like the European Parliament.
I've used other platforms that don't do a good job at all. Sonix was close to perfect!
It really accelerated my work and I was amazed by the accuracy, especially given that the video featured only non-native speakers.
I was simply awed by speed and accuracy of your transcription service.
I have tested your product among others, and I have to say, Sonix provides the best results, a really great product!!!
This technology managed to shock me! It saved me so much time and effort!
Truly amazing. Saved me hours of work. And about 95% accurate which is great for a South African accent recording.
Seriously the best transcript I’ve ever seen. And the synchronized editor is amazing. I will be using again and I will be sharing with my friends :)
We love transcribing with Sonix. Your interface for subtitle editing is excellent.
Thank you for all of your help with my dissertation!!! Ya'll rock!!
Awwwww... shucks. Thanks for the kind words, everyone! We love you too! 😍

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