Top 11 reasons to use automated transcription for meetings

Love them or hate them, meetings are essential to your company’s success. Automated transcription for meetings helps ensure attendees and no-shows get the most out of each one.

Meetings can be excruciating affairs. Some are so boring you’re constantly pinching yourself under the table to stay awake. Others are so pointless you want to run out of the room cursing. When they’re bad, meetings can be detrimental to productivity, morale, and cooperation.

Then there are meetings that are a joy to attend. You know, the ones that leave you feeling fired up and ready to do your best work ever. The ones that give you a sense of purpose in your company, and perhaps even in life.

Meeting transcripts ensure everyone is on the same page, literally. But getting these records can be an issue. Having someone take minutes comes with the risk of missing or misinterpreting critical points. You can always record your meetings, like most people do these days, but there may be a need to transcribe the audio to text. If you’ve ever manually transcribed a recording, you know how tedious and mind-numbing that can be: click Play, type a few words, ask yourself “Was that sound even a word?”, rewind, click Play, ask yourself the same question, type your best guess, repeat ad nauseam.

Sonix eliminates the drudgery of error-prone minute-taking and transcribing, giving you accurate editable transcriptions of audio or video meetings in minutes. From short-and-sweet standups to epic all-hands, the Sonix platform uses artificial intelligence to transcribe, timestamp, and organize your recorded meetings quickly, easily, and affordably.

Sounds great, right? Well, you can try Sonix out for yourself to experience just how great it is. Take a minute to sign up for a Sonix account and have the app transcribe up to 30 minutes of video or audio free of charge, no commitment and no credit card required. If you decide you want more, you have a range of affordable pricing options to choose from depending on your needs.

There are plenty of reasons why you should automate transcription for meetings. Here are eleven of them:

  1. Time savings
  2. Increased productivity 
  3. Easier scheduling
  4. Better participation and collaboration
  5. Deeper customer insights
  6. Streamlined recruiting
  7. Improve sales calls
  8. Improve workplace accessibility
  9. Greater transparency
  10. Complete records of meetings concerning sensitive information
  11. Deeper insights into dark data

1. Time savings 

The last thing you want to do in the middle of your hectic workday is get dragged into a long, unproductive meeting. This is especially frustrating when it’s unscheduled and comes up while you’re on a roll – ad hoc meetings are the worst!

Automated transcription for meetings makes these situations a thing of the past. In addition to recordings, Sonix also provides you with editable transcripts, from which you can glean information that’s relevant to you and your work. Most importantly, you can do this at your convenience, so you have more time to complete higher-priority tasks.

2. Increased productivity

As it assumes the role of meeting note-taker, Sonix helps transform low-level roles with minimum responsibility into value-creating functions. Recordings and transcripts free interns, administrative assistants, and junior employees from taking notes. This ensures they get more out of the meetings they attend, enabling them to create more value for your company and work on their professional development.

You shouldn’t have to sit through an hours-long meeting to get about 15 minutes’ worth of relevant information. Thanks to Sonix, you no longer have to – you can simply review transcripts to get what you need when you’ve got time.

3. Easier scheduling

Organizing meetings in one location is hard enough; organizing them across multiple time zones can be a nightmare. Whether it’s too late at night or too early in the morning, chances are you’re not going to be on point. Sonix ensures you don’t miss a single point in every meeting so you don’t have to sacrifice the sleep you need to perform your best.

Sonix also saves busy team members, managers, and executives the hassle of dealing with scheduling conflicts. Automated meeting transcriptions help you and everyone else prioritize meetings, so they can catch up on the ones they’re unable to attend.

4. Better collaboration

Brainstorming and workshops are invaluable to your organization. To get the most out of them, everyone needs to be present and participating, which can be hard to do if you and/or your colleagues are taking notes.

Automated transcription allows all attendees to engage in idea generation, eliminating the likelihood of “Could you repeat that?” or “Just a sec, let me get this down… And could you repeat that?” Because Sonix eliminates the need to take notes, you and all other participants can collaborate without distractions. You can exchange ideas and maintain momentum that could lead to game-changing innovations.

When your workshop or brainstorm is done, you can share the recording and transcript colleagues who weren’t in attendance for additional input.

5. More valuable customer insights

Customer feedback is essential to your company’s growth, helping you improve product development and align your marketing activities with customer wants and needs. On top of that, discussions with you customers can help you draft testimonials that can help drive interest in, and sales of, your products or services.

When you set up Sonix to transcribe customer interviews, you can easily distribute the transcriptions to your fellow team members, as well as other departments. You can also add observations and recommendations directly into transcripts, keeping insights in one central location, not scattered across various applications. Your organization should look to customer feedback to track its performance and modify its offer based on the insights it gains from transcriptions.

Just be certain your customers are aware that they are being recorded, and that their interviews will be used to improve products and services. In this sense, your customers also benefit from Sonix and its automated transcriptions!

6. Streamlined recruiting

Your HR processes can also benefit from automated transcription. Automated transcription gives everyone involved in the decision-making process a more complete view of job candidates, regardless of whether they attend the interview or not.

This means that you can base hiring decisions on more than CVs, LinkedIn profiles, and your HR professional’s expert evaluation. Managers, team members, and executives can review Sonix recordings and transcripts from every interview to better decide who the best candidates are. They can also add notes and questions for follow-up interviews if necessary.

7. Improved sales techniques

Monitoring and analysing sales calls can help your sales team hit its targets. Sonix enables them to study recordings and transcripts to get a clearer idea of the approaches that lead to success as well as techniques they need to modify or scrap.

Because you can share Sonix transcripts and recordings, sales reps and managers can work together to continuously improve. You can even get other teams, such as product development, customer care, and marketing, involved when there’s a need for additional input.

Especially good or bad calls can also be used to train new sales reps, or develop new sales techniques. Sonix enables you to highlight noteworthy sections of each transcript, further helping you improve your sales efforts.

8. Improve workplace accessibility

Some of us have a hard time following everything that’s being said during meetings. This is especially true for team members who are hard of hearing, non-native English speakers, or stuck working in a noisy environment (a problem that has become more prevalent for those of us obliged to work at home due to the COVID-19 lockdown).

You can count on Sonix to make your workplace more accessible to these colleagues. They can review the transcripts along with their corresponding recordings at their own pace and convenience. Someone who has a hard time understanding English, or understanding a fast-talking speaker, can slow the audio down as they read the transcript.

Sonix also enables you to speed up playback for those days when you need to watch and listen to a meeting, but don’t have time to do so at its normal speed. Choose from speeds in increments of 0.2x, ranging from 0.4x to 2.0x

9. Greater transparency 

More companies are realizing that transparency is vital to business growth and success. The only way they can adopt this approach successfully is to ensure everyone assumes accountability.

You can use automated transcription for meetings to ensure that your entire workforce knows exactly what’s happening during meetings. This gives them a sense of inclusion that inspires loyalty and engages them in a way that motivates them to own their work.

Access to executive and upper-management discussions can empower lower-level employees to provide valuable insights into improving products, services, and processes. Members of your workforce who are closer to your customers can review these discussions and build on ideas they contain, or add new ones that may have been completely overlooked during meetings.

Sonix transcripts can also keep conflicts from escalating. Everything is in the recording and transcript, making debates over shirked responsibilities, missed deadlines, and misaligned priorities a thing of the past.

10. Complete records of meetings with sensitive information

When dealing with matters concerning compliance or litigation, your organization will most likely need records of meetings or calls. Sonix ensures you’ve got the transcripts and recordings you need in these cases.

Additionally, Sonix has you covered when you need detailed meeting notes. For instance, an organization that is looking into a merger or acquisition or speaking with investors needs to be prepared for due diligence. The calls that this process involves are usually complex and require the attendance of several experts. Again, Sonix makes certain you’ve got complete, verifiable transcripts for all these calls. 

11. Deeper insights into dark data

The data your company extracts from several sources, including application and browser activity, emails, and SMSes can be invaluable with proper analysis. The insights you gain can help boost efficiency, reduce costs, and improve customer service, for instance.

Not all the data that could benefit your company seems to be easily accessible. This so-called “dark data” exists in conference calls, sales calls, customer service calls, one-on-one discussions, and interviews. If you can record any of these interactions, Sonix gives you the opportunity to capture dark data that can help keep you a step ahead of your competition.

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