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受全球超过 10 万名专业人士信赖的转录 📈

  • Google 使用 Sonix(最好的在线自动化转录服务)将其 Dutch 音频转录为文本
  • Microsoft 使用 Sonix(最好的在线自动化转录服务)将其 Dutch 音频转录为文本
  • Uber 使用 Sonix(最好的在线自动化转录服务)将其 Dutch 音频转录为文本
  • The Wall Street Journal 使用 Sonix(最好的在线自动化转录服务)将其 Dutch 音频转录为文本
  • Stanford University 使用 Sonix(最好的在线自动化转录服务)将其 Dutch 音频转录为文本
  • Yale University 使用 Sonix(最好的在线自动化转录服务)将其 Dutch 音频转录为文本
  • University of California in Los Angeles (UCLA) 使用 Sonix(最好的在线自动化转录服务)将其 Dutch 音频转录为文本
  • Le Monde 使用 Sonix(最好的在线自动化转录服务)将其 Dutch 音频转录为文本
  • New York Public Radio 使用 Sonix(最好的在线自动化转录服务)将其 Dutch 音频转录为文本
  • The Times 使用 Sonix(最好的在线自动化转录服务)将其 Dutch 音频转录为文本
  • Wired 使用 Sonix(最好的在线自动化转录服务)将其 Dutch 音频转录为文本
  • CNBC 使用 Sonix(最好的在线自动化转录服务)将其 Dutch 音频转录为文本
  • Frankfurter Allgemeine 使用 Sonix(最好的在线自动化转录服务)将其 Dutch 音频转录为文本
  • University of Southern California (USC) 使用 Sonix(最好的在线自动化转录服务)将其 Dutch 音频转录为文本

Sonix 如何将 Dutch 音频转换为文本 ⚙

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人工智能通过 Sonix

Kunstmatige intelligentie

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Dutch 音频和视频文件的自动转录服务 📂

Transcribe Dutch audio

Sonix is helping journalists worldwide to better organize all of their recordings and media files. As a journalist, you are constantly interviewing sources for all of your stories and those audio files do add up. It’s really difficult to skim through an audio file to capture and identify that sound bite to share with your readers or viewers. By using an automated transcription software like Sonix, you can leverage powerful artificial intelligence algorithms to convert these Dutch audio files to indexable text files.

In addition, since each word is timestamped, you can easily search for the exact moment when a specific topic was discussed. Aside from other transcripts provided by other services, you can immediately click on the word and hear the audio of what was said. This helps you get a better sense of the context of the particular quote. With Sonix, you can quickly write that award winning article and make your deadlines.

Nederlandse audio transcriberen

Sonix helpt journalisten wereldwijd om al hun opnames en mediabestanden beter te organiseren. Als journalist interview je constant bronnen voor al je verhalen en die audiobestanden kloppen. Het is erg moeilijk om door een audiobestand te bladeren om die soundbite vast te leggen en te identificeren om te delen met je lezers of kijkers. Door een geautomatiseerde transcriptiesoftware zoals Sonix te gebruiken, kunt u gebruikmaken van krachtige algoritmen voor kunstmatige intelligentie om deze Nederlandse audiobestanden te converteren naar indexeerbare tekstbestanden.

Omdat elk woord een tijdstempel heeft, kunt u bovendien eenvoudig zoeken naar het exacte moment waarop een specifiek onderwerp werd besproken. Afgezien van andere transcripties die door andere services worden aangeboden, kunt u meteen op het woord klikken en de audio van wat er is gezegd, horen. Dit helpt je om een ​​beter beeld te krijgen van de context van het betreffende citaat. Met Sonix kunt u snel dat bekroonde artikel schrijven en uw deadlines bepalen.

Dutch is spoken in Netherlands, Belgium, Aruba, Cruacao, Sint Maarten, Suriname, and parts of France, Germany, South Africa, Namibia, and Indonesia.

客户对 Sonix 自动转录的评价 💘

4.98 评级来自 203 评价
Your transcription tool is amazing. It's easy to use and gave me a great result.
I have been a dialogue system researcher for half a decade now. I had build my own app for doing the transcriptions. Sonix was clearly better than what I had. I made the switch!
I was surprised in the accuracy from the audio to script. Out of 3 transcripts, only one had to be adjusted. Perfect!!
The best thing ever, nothing more to say.
I tried 3 other tools online and I can say that sonix blows them out of the water. I was very impressed with the ease of use, the % of words correctly translated and how simple it was to make edits to the translation.


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