Zoom transcription: How to create a Zoom transcription

Zoom is conferencing software that offers a wide variety of features to help coworkers, teams, and individuals communicate online.

Unfortunately, Zoom doesn’t make it easy to get accurate transcripts. But thanks to Sonix, you can now get accurate transcripts of your Zoom meetings in a matter of minutes. The Sonix and Zoom partnership integration make it really easy to get started. 

Here’s how:

3 simple steps to create a Zoom transcription

STEP 1: Log into Sonix and click Zoom Integration on the right menu. If you don’t have a Sonix account, you can create a free account here: https://sonix.ai/accounts/sign_up

STEP 2: Click “Connect to Zoom”. This will require you to login to your Zoom account.

STEP 3: Click Authorize and set your default meeting language 

STEP 4: Choose if you’d like Sonix to Automatically transcribe new Zoom meetings. Click Save and Apply.

That’s it. Now your Zoom meetings will be automatically transcribed. If you only want certain meetings transcribed, you can do that too! Click here for more information on the Sonix | Zoom integration.

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