AI Text Summarization: Exciting Technology That Is Helpful Across Industries

AI Summaries

Nowadays, we have access to more information than ever. You can find the answer to almost any question in just a few minutes by doing a simple Google search.

However, that wealth of data poses a considerable risk — information overload. It’s easy to overwhelm our minds with too many facts, figures, and opinions from the internet.

That’s why the ability to summarize information is a critical skill. And with the help of AI-powered text summarization tools, you can even automate the process.

This article will discuss how to summarize a text using AI software and the benefits you can reap.

What is AI Text Summarization?

AI text summarization uses artificial intelligence to help distill long text into just a few paragraphs or bullet points. This summary contains the gist of the idea without any distracting details, allowing the reader to grasp the main point immediately.

Text summarization software works best for longer formats like articles, books, and speeches. But while summarization was traditionally used for text or documents, adding AI also allows you to include audio and video content.

In the next section, we explain how this process works in detail.

How AI Text Summarization Works for Audio and Video

When you feed an audio or video file into an AI summary generator, the first step is transcribing that content using AI-powered speech recognition technology. Converting the audio (or audio track if a video file) into text produces a word-by-word text transcript.

The automatic summarization tool then applies AI models and natural language processing (NLP) to the transcript. The goal is to analyze the document and identify critical sentences, phrases, and concepts that convey essential information.

After that, the AI article summarizer uses artificial intelligence algorithms to extract the key sentences (when using extractive summarization) or generate new ones (as with abstractive summarization).

The summary is then reviewed and cleaned up to ensure coherence and relevance.

Benefits of AI Summarizer Tools for Audio and Video

More than just a simple paragraph shortener or shortening sentences tool, AI summarizers help present a new way of absorbing content. And the approach provides plenty of benefits, such as:

Improved Accessibility

AI summarizer tools help make your content more inclusive by accommodating users with different disabilities or preferences.

For example, condensing long content into a shorter summary benefits people with learning disabilities or short attention spans. Or they can be great for people who are hard of hearing, so they can read the outline of a video clip without having to listen to it.

Because of the improved accessibility, your audio or video content can reach a wider audience with minimal effort. That could contribute to your revenue.

Time Efficiency

AI text summarization is a powerful time-saver.

Getting a summarized version makes for faster consumption, allowing you to get the key takeaways without going through the entire audio or video clip. That is possible because most content is long due to multiple examples, more exposition, and sometimes mere fluff.

Summarization also allows you to assess the relevance of a piece of content before you invest the time to read it. The summary tells you if the video is helpful for your situation and worth consuming.

All of this leads to rapid learning and action. For example, executives can quickly decide by reading multiple summaries rather than watching each piece. 

Enhanced Searchability

One big problem with audio and video content is that they’re not as searchable as articles or documents. Search engines like Google cannot identify the clip’s relevance except relying on meta information and the title.

Summarization is an excellent way of improving the searchability of the audio or video clip by letting search engines know what the content is all about.

A summarized text can be the foundation of your search engine optimization (SEO) efforts. For instance, AI can generate a summary and place keywords strategically into it. You can also use it to create relevant titles and metadata tags quickly.

Summarization can help your content rank higher on SERPs (search engine result pages) and compete with pure text web pages.

Content Repurposing

Creating video and audio content takes more time, money, and effort. Thus, it makes sense to prolong its lifespan to recoup your investment.

AI summarization is a great way to do this, allowing you to repurpose the clip in various ways.

For example, you can turn a video summary into a Facebook post. That allows you to engage people in different channels, especially those who might have yet to consume your video or audio content.

You can capture the central theme of a YouTube video and split it into multiple emails, which you can send to your list over a couple of days. It’s a clever way of redistributing old content.

And this is just the beginning of it. Summaries can be turned into lead magnets, PDF guides, blog posts, infographics, or e-books.

Multilingual Support

Summarizing a video and audio clip into a text file allows you to translate it into multiple languages.

That is great for making your content more accessible across languages and cultures. For example, you can easily extract an English summary from a Chinese video. This cross-border communication can help ease collaboration between countries.

That is especially useful in a classroom setting. For instance, a teacher can summarize an audio recording for her lecture. It can then be translated into other languages that international students can understand.


AI text summarization is a powerful tool for scaling libraries and document management systems.

It allows large enterprises to manage and make sense of vast internal documents, reports, and knowledge bases. Thus, no matter how large it gets, they can still extract valuable insights from it.

For instance, you can use it to create summaries from an extensive multimedia library without going through each one. That is useful if you want to generate titles, synopses, or metadata to catalog your database.


One overlooked benefit of AI summarization is personalization.

For example, users have various attention spans and thus can only tolerate content at a certain length. AI summarization can trim a video or audio clip to the correct size while retaining key takeaways.

Summaries can also be used for content filtering. The system can automatically verify the critical ideas of a piece of content and then decide if the user will find it relevant. As such, it’s also useful for content recommendation algorithms.

For example, a person might be interested in only watching political videos and shows. AI summarization can help you identify these videos quickly.

Audience Engagement

AI summaries allow you to engage your audience by making content accessible, digestible, and tailored to their preferences.

For example, if you’re a news agency, you can provide a “weekly wrap.” That contains the summaries of all the week’s top news, allowing users to read only the pieces that interest them.

You can also turn summaries into more engaging content that promotes active participation. For example, schools can take the outline of a lecture and turn it into fun quizzes or learning materials.

Cost Savings

AI text summarization performs a tedious and time-consuming task on your behalf, helping you save on labor costs. For instance, instead of hiring someone to transcribe and summarize a video clip, an AI system can do it.

Furthermore, AI summarizers play an active role in streamlining your information management systems. It helps lower discrepancies and errors in your content, significantly improving operational efficiency and cost savings.

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