What is the best way transcribe my audio or video?

What is the best way to transcribe audio or video?

The best way to transcribe your audio or video depends on your needs. If you need transcription fast and cheap, then an automated transcription service is probably best. If you need 100% accuracy then a human transcription services might be best for you.

Why is automated transcription so fast and cheap?

Automated transcription is fast and cheap because it’s a fully automated process. Once you upload a file to an automated service, the whole process is handled by machines.

Is automated transcription accurate?

Depending on the quality of your audio or video file, automated transcription accuracy rates are now at parity with human transcription.

What is an example of a top rated automated transcription service?

Sonix.ai was ranked highest in terms of accuracy by an independent study from PopUpPodcasting recently updated in December 20171.


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