What is the best and easiest way to create subtitles?

Automated subtitles

Modern subtitling tools are few and far between. Most subtitling tools are old, desktop-based software that don’t make it easy and fast to create subtitles for your videos. However, there is one that stands out from the rest: Sonix.

Sonix is the world’s best automated transcription, translation and subtitling platform. The all-in-one platform makes creating subtitles super easy.

Simply upload your video file to Sonix and you’ll get a full transcript in less than 5 minutes. From there you can translate to dozens of languages and then create subtitles in each language. You can also customize the look and feel of your subtitles.

Why is Sonix the best and easiest way to create subtitles?

  1. The process with Sonix starts with automated transcription of your video. Sonix is consistently reviewed as the most accurate.
  2. Sonix is online, cloud-based software. This means you can use Sonix anywhere, anytime, and on any device. No need to install software on your computer.
  3. Sonix’s modern user interface makes the whole process of creating subtitles easy and fast.
  4. Sonix’s has built in translation. This means you can translate your subtitles to dozens of languages. Not only that, you can customize the look and feel of your subtitles.
  5. Timecodes from your video are automatically synced to the text so you can manually adjust your subtitles to perfection.
  6. Dozens of export formats from SRT to VTT to burned-in subtitles. You can also import your subtitles directly into Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro, and AVID.

How to create subtitles

  1. Upload your video to Sonix
  2. Edit and polish your transcript
  3. Click “Subtitles” and select your desired subtitle character length and duration
  4. Customize your subtitle font, color, and style
  5. Export in variety of formats like SRT or VTT or burn the subtitles directly into your video
Accurate, automated transcription

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