How to import articles, notes, and transcripts into Roam Research

Roam Research

Qualitative research has taken a leap forward with Roam Research. Simply put, Roam Research helps you organize your research. Many researchers may find they limit their thoughts before they’ve been fully fleshed out. It also helps researchers organize their knowledge associatively, not hierarchically making insights and analysis much more comprehensive and clear.

One of the things that Roam has made easy is importing articles and transcripts from calls or interviews very easy. There are 3 simple steps.

3 steps to import articles, notes, and transcripts into Roam Research:

Step 1: Choose the “Import Files” option inside the Share menu (3 dots)

Step 2: Choose your file type. For notes, you may want to import Markdown or JSON files from your file system. 

Step 3: Your files will be available in the Notes page under “Import”.

That’s it! A simple way to import your articles, notes, and transcripts into Roam Research.

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