Automated subtitles and captions for LinkedIn videos

Problem: Creating captions is a headache

Creating subtitles and captions for your LinkedIn videos is time-consuming and painful. You could pay someone to do it for you, but that’s expensive and the turnaround time could be days or even weeks. There is a faster and easier way: An automated caption generator powered by artificial intelligence and natural language processing.

Solution: Automated caption generator

Sonix uses the latest artificial intelligence to create subtitles and captions automatically for your LinkedIn videos. Simply upload your video file to Sonix and you’ll receive a full transcript of your video in less than 6 minutes. From there you just export an SRT (SubRip Subtitle) file and insert it into your video on LinkedIn. It’s that simple.

Step-by-step: Automated subtitles & captions step-by-step

In Sonix:

  1. Upload your file to Sonix (
  2. Click Transcribe
  3. Once you receive your transcript (approx 6 minutes), open your transcript
  4. Click EXPORT and choose “SubRip subtitle file (*.srt)”

In LinkedIn:

  1. From the LinkedIn “Start a post” box, click the video icon
  2. Once the video preview appears, click the edit icon (small pencil) in the upper right corner below the X.
  3. Click “Select file” and choose the file you exported from Sonix and click save.
  4. You can add additional text or hashtags to your post and then click post.
  5. You will get a notification once the video is uploaded, processed, and ready to view.

That’s it. It only takes a few minutes to create captions. No more headaches creating subtitles manually!

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