How to automatically transcribe podcasts

Manually transcribing podcasts is awful. Plain and simple. And it can take an awful lot of time  especially if you have episodes that are over an hour long. If you have guests on your podcast then you’ll have to deal with multiple speakers which makes things even harder. 

Good news, you can save yourself all the hassle by automatically transcribing your podcast. And once you have a full transcript you can easily repurpose that content to reach new listeners.

Why Should You Transcribe Your Podcast?

The number one reason is because Google and other search engines can crawl text much, much better than they can crawl audio. Having transcripts alongside your podcast allows search engines to index your podcast for better search rankings and in turn improve your ability to get found. Not only that, repurposing these transcripts can provide an added boost.

Your episode’s transcript has a ton of shareable content. When you convert your transcript into shareable posts for Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram you increase the likelihood of your podcast getting discovered. And with enough exposure, these social media posts will turn into new regular listeners.

Below are four ways you can use a podcast transcript to improve discoverability of your podcast.

  1. Social Media: Taking a snippet from your show and giving listeners a little taste is a great way to attract people to your podcast. Share key quotes on Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook.
  2. Show Notes: Providing a summary of your show and the ability to skip to certain parts makes it easy for listeners to find their favorite part.
  3. Blog Posts: You can actually turn entire shows into full blog articles. This makes it consumable for people that want to read rather than listen.
  4. Website Optimization: Simply putting your transcript on your web site will Improve discoverability.

All these things (blog articles, show notes, and social posts) will increase your chances of being found online. Yes, it takes a little extra work, but you’ve already done the hard part of creating an amazing show. Why not put in the extra effort to help your show reach more listeners.

In addition to getting more listeners, your content is now more accessible for those that are hard of hearing. 

How to Automatically Transcribe Your Podcast

Automated transcription makes transcription fast and easy. Sure there is a little clean up required but given all the benefits of transcripts, it’s a small price to pay.

Here are the four steps: 

  1. Login to your Sonix account
  2. Click upload and choose your podcast audio file
  3. Edit any areas that need some polish
  4. Export your transcript

That’s it! That’s how you can automatically transcribe your podcasts. Now you can leverage your transcript in as many ways as you want to drive more listeners.

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