Sonix for teams

Do you have multiple team members collaborating on an audio or video project? Do you work with a video or audio editor? Are you frustrated by all the back-and-forth?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you are probably familiar with the tedious process required to get your content publish-ready. That process can include a combination of offline and online messaging through multiple channels like email, text, Slack, phone, or in-person. Your content is all over the place. You can’t find previous audio or footage. Simple tasks take way longer than they should. Yuck.

Look no further. We’ve made some huge improvements to Sonix for teams (Business Plan). Now you can invite users with different permissions to access, edit, or upload content.



One of the biggest challenges with audio & video content production is navigating the huge amounts of footage and audio. Before Sonix, there wasn’t a great way to store all this content and make it easily searchable. We fixed that. Now anyone on your team can easily search transcripts of video or audio to pinpoint key parts in seconds. Production teams will have every file at their fingertips. Not only that, marketing teams can easily find files / images that can be repurposed into blogs, podcasts, or other web content.

Sonix continues to push the boundaries of audio & video production and distribution. We will continue to re-imagine how people create and share media.

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