Sonix + Adobe Audition

Sonix has built the world’s first AudioText Editor™ and it now works seamlessly with Adobe Audition.

Getting fast, accurate transcription is critical, but it’s really just the starting point for Sonix.

Once you’ve got your transcript, what if you could edit your spoken-word audio by editing the transcript? What if your edited transcript with timestamps and speakers could flow seamlessly into Adobe Audition?

Well, now they do!! Watch the video and see for yourself…


Think of Sonix as your front-end editor. It’s great for podcast & radio producers, and audio editors who want to work on the storyline while editing, highlighting, and striking the text. Once that file is in Adobe Audition, it’s super easier to pinpoint key quotes through search. Navigating a podcast or radio show in Adobe Audition has never been faster and simpler.

To see the other great features of the AudioText Editor™, check out our features page.

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