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Reid A. Long:
Hi, my name is Reid A. Long and I love to read stories. Are you ready to read?

Reid A. Long:
Hello fire truck. Look, smoke and flames, fluff is in trouble. Call 9-1-1. Quick on the double.

Reid A. Long:
Sirens and lights say out of my way. Firefighters race to help save the day. Hello, fire truck.

Reid A. Long:
The truck is red and shiny and bright. The team is brave and ready to fight.

Reid A. Long:
Hurry, hurry. The fire is growing. Hoses and pumps get water flowing.

Reid A. Long:
Rescue ladders climb higher and higher. No fluff is down safe from the fire.

Reid A. Long:
The fire is out. The crew packs the gear tired and dirty. They wave as we cheer. Goodbye, fire truck.

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