Record & share the best parts of your Zoom video meetings

Do you want a better way to capture notes share key information from a Zoom conversation? With Sonix video clips, you can capture the moments that matter and turn them into shareable video highlights in seconds.

All you have to do is connect your Zoom account to Sonix using the Sonix | Zoom integration

Once you’ve connected, you can easily:

  1. Take notes alongside any part of the recording
  2. Create video highlight clips in a few click (each video clip has a unique URL that’s easy to share)
  3. Share video clips anywhere you want: Slack, Notion, Twitter, Discord, by email or text and many more!

Sonix is the best way to record & share the best parts of your Zoom recordings.

Accurate, automated transcription

Sonix uses the latest AI to produce automated transcripts in minutes.
Transcribe audio and video files in 35+ languages.

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