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The best way to promote your podcast

Today we're going to talk about how to promote a podcast. My name's Eric Siu. I'm here to help you grow and scale your business. Around scaling and promoting a podcast, I guess scaling and promoting a podcast are kind of … Promoting it helps scaling it, right?

Anyway, a couple of things. When you go about promoting a podcast, people forget about the basic stuff, so I'm going to cover the basics first, because the basics are boring, but you still have to do them.

Social media, your social media channels, people forget to push to them, often. If you use a tool like Meet Edgar, for example, Meet Edgar is going to allow you to schedule in perpetuity for the content that you're producing.

For example, if you're doing an interview podcast, you probably want to make sure that you're scheduling them over time. They don't just expire once. Interview podcasts, these are story podcasts, for the most part. People's stories don't expire like that; people's stories are evergreen. If you do have an interview podcast, that's a tool that can help you do that.

Don't forget about your email list, as well. Using a blog RSS to your e-mail feed, you can automatically push those podcast episodes out. Obviously, the more manually you do it, the higher engagement that you're going to get. Those are the basics; those are table stakes.

Again, if you want to figure out a way to automate it, semi-automate it, you can use a tool like Meet Edgar. If you want to try to fully automate it, you can use Libsyn, which is the host that I use for podcasting.

Libsyn allows me to hook it in with YouTube. It allows me to hook it in even with SoundCloud, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, as well. It's going to push to all these channels at once.

It's good because I don't have the time to post to all of those, every single time, especially because Marketing School is a daily marketing podcast. You have 30 of those over the course of a month, I'm bound to forget it. The more you can automate things around this, the better. Using a tool like Libsyn is going to help you automate it.

If you don't have Libsyn, you can use a tool like If This Then That. You can set a recipe, and automatically have things pushed out to your social media channels for free. Those are just a couple of ways to promote.

One thing I will say is … One creative example I can think of, when it comes to promoting a podcast, is Russell Brunson's Marketing In Your Car. You can go to marketinginyourcar.com; I'm not sure if it's still valid.

What he did was he took all his podcasts, archived them, put them into an MP3 stick, and he started driving paid traffic from Facebook to it. What he did was he said if you wanted to get access to the MP3 stick, you paid zero dollars, you paid $9.00 in shipping, and basically, you would get the MP3 stick shipped over to you. It's in a nice box, and it's on a nice, branded MP3 stick, and you get access to all his MP3s.

A lot of people actually opted in for it. For every one person that paid for the $9.00 shipping to get the MP3 stick, he paid $15.00 for it. The cool thing is, for every MP3 stick that he actually sold, he got subscribers for it, so you can use paid advertising scale your listenership. I think, even today, he's the number-10 podcast, when it comes to marketing and business, so he's figured out a way to make it work. That's one creative way of doing it.

Other creative ways is you can use a tool like Vyper. That's V-Y-P-E-R DOT IO, VYPER.IO. It's going to allow you to run contests. One thing Neal, and I are doing right now, with Marketing School, is we're offering a 90-day trial of Crazy Egg, which is worth up to $3,000, and all you need to do is go to SingleGreen.com/giveaway to learn more.

You go there, and you can actually get in for an entry, and right after that, you could get in for multiple entries. If you want more more multiple entries, you can rate, review, or subscribe to the podcasts. That's one way of promoting the podcast, because if you do that, then our podcast moves up in the charts. So paid advertising is a way that works, as well.

The last tip that I'll touch upon right now is kind of unintended. For Marketing School, we have a show-notes person that writes show notes for every single episode that we have. It gets auto-published to a WordPress blog that sits on MarketingSchool.io.

That blog is actually gaining more traffic. We didn't build any links to it. It's just going up and to the right. We know if we put more time into it, we focus on it more, SEO, from that perspective, helps. If you have a show-notes person, make a WordPress blog, have all that content being pushed out automatically to the blog, and you're good to go.

Those are just a couple of ways to go about promoting your podcasts. You need to promote your podcasts, just like how you would promote any piece of content, as well. If you're tired of not collecting a paycheck, if you're tired of not growing anymore, all you need to do is hit subscribe, and we'll give you more tips to grow. See you in the next video.

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